Tear in the Sand

Requiem of a Dream remix

A friend wrote this to me and I loved it so much
so I want to share it with you.

One moment I saw her, the next she was gone,
Like a dream in the dawn or a shaft that was sped,

And all that she left on this desolate strand,
Was the print of her foot, and a tear in the sand



6 thoughts on “Tear in the Sand

  1. Good Evening FatiThe music was spectacular,and the picture is breathtaking I must say.That is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seenwarmly my dear friendSteven

  2. Hi Steven,I was inspired by the words I had the pic for a long time and knewit would go with the words and thenlast night I found the song Perfect blend even if I say so myselfThank you my friend always happy to share Fati

  3. I was taken by this song too when I found itand right off this photo came into mind.So happy others share my feelings on this post :)Fati

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