Wishes For Nick

Lux Aeterna

Today is my son, Nicks 25th birthday
and for those who read my blog
will know this is the son who was in jail.
He was around 20 years old in this photo.

He is now in a rehabilitation home
and I still have not heard from
him only my #2 daughter has received
a 4 page letter from him and she has
not shared what he wrote.

I dedicate this PPS file to my Nick.
Happy Birthday and may your life
get only better..



10 thoughts on “Wishes For Nick

  1. Thank you for your wishesit means alot to me coming from my friendsat Opera. I know you all wish this for him also.This is the first year I have not called him to give him a wish on the phone even in Egypt I called all my kids on their birthdaysI know he is feeling bad today too missinghis familys calls .Thanks again LoveFati

  2. Happy birthday to Nick my brother! Although I am late but I still wanna send him the best wishes. Hope he always be well and happiness! I Sure that he will let you know himself when he can, MOM.:heart:Son

  3. Thank you Andreu,It's my life and I have accepted it and I can only keep trying to find out moreThank you again my friend,Fati

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