Sign in Pet Shop ….LOL

One of my companies I work for is a company
where I work in huge retail pet stores.

My supervisior for that company sent around this
photo she took in one of her stores.

I have not seen anything so funny as this ..
If that sign doesn't wake up parents to control
their kids .. nothing will 😀


8 thoughts on “Sign in Pet Shop ….LOL

  1. HI Lucid,Yes it is funny today I was in a Petco workingand they had GREY HOUND Rescue there ..someone stepped on one of their feet 😦 The dog screamed :yikes: and it wasn't a kid who did it .

  2. HI Steven,Thanks for seeing the humor :DToday this kid in the PETCO I was working in decided to charge into this spinner rack of cute little jewerly and collars for small dogswell the rack went flying and so did all the accessories on the pegs. :yikes:I think I will suggest this sign for Joe,the manger lolHappy to put smiles into your heart StevenFati

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