Angel Voices music

Dedicated to those who come home tired
and seek calming and peace.

Angel Voices

I have been told that my music is soothing and gives
so much comfort to those returning from a long
day of work or travels.

This post is for you.. sit back and relax
and allow the music to do it's work.


12 thoughts on “Angel Voices music

  1. Thank you for this post . I love the music and the painting , especially the painting . I've read some of you post at canis's blog ( voyage ) and I think that I want to make friend with you . I'm a lot younger than you and I am not speaking English so , if there is any mistake ,plz tell me . Sou .

  2. Dear Fati, this post is wonderfully relaxing and giving the consolation. It's truly angelic. And I like your idea about relaxing after work. THanks to you we can do it every day. And the painting adds to the atmosphere. Astounding post.Love, Ramute.:)

  3. I agree, the mucic is so wonderful, and way relaxing…I congratulate you for this post!!!Thou I would like to know if you compose this music?Greetings to you, be well.P.D. the image is so beautiful and fascinating!!!!!

  4. Embarrassed!By this I mean that I visited your page right after lunch, a very big lunch…..filled my tummy.Now, we all know that men with age and wisdom need a small nap after a good meal.:DSo, here I am, in my office, visiting your wonderful hemisphere of Opera. I'm reading, viewing and listening to this wonderful relaxing music.Next thing I know, one of my associates is shaking my shoulder.Embarrassing but………….Thanks!:D

  5. HI Ramute,I was inspired by Steven and a few others who tell menow nice it is to come home to my blog so why not give back to those who comfort me :)Thank you Ramute it's wonderful to see you BACK !!!Now if you can only stay ? Please take care of your shoulderLoveFati

  6. HI Sou,thank you for your kind words and spending some time here in my blog,I enjoy seeing new people enjoying my blog and falling in lovewith my music it's very special to me and now to you :)Thank you for adding me to your friends list too I will do the sameYour english is good so far :)Fati

  7. HI Lucid,I have this cd for many many years and when I am totally stressed out and feeling sick I put this CD on and fall into HEAVEN.It heals and relaxes and places me in another dimention so very importantfor healing.I am happy you love this post too .. I really shocked myself too when I found the perfect photo for the music.your friendFati

  8. HI Dave,OMG that is so funny .. why didn't you read AFTER WORK not DURING :Dthis music you can never drive with also it will cause an accident lol.It's nice to know you are here during your working hours I will put uptonight a post to keep you UP UP UP :DPromiseFati

  9. FatiI am at a loss for words this music was simply amazing.It put me into another hemisphere where the journey was most pleasing.I was not looking forward to the return trip back,but here I am.Thank you dearest FatiSteven

  10. HI Steven ,I know what you mean it's so much nicer OUT THERE :)I knew you would love this and it's meant for you to relax and soothe your sore body from work all day long .I will do most in this music format since I have the wholecd.You are so welcome all the time Steven pleasetake care and don't worry there will be more trips to OUT THERE :)HugsFati

  11. HI Andreu,Thank you for always showing your appreiciation :)If I am so fantastic, why am I always alone ? 😦 Thank you my friend,Fati

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