10 thoughts on “Having a Bad Day?

  1. Fati, are you sure that a Pepsi driver was fired for drinking a Coke in his Pepsi truck, rather than a Coke driver drinking a Pepsi in his truck? I ask, because I have not seen anything regarding the incident you mentioned; HOWEVER, back in June of 2003, Rick Bronson, a driver who had been with Coca-Cola Bottling Co. for 12 years, had just completed a delivery to a California store called Smart and Final. Bronson purchased a Pepsi at the store and headed to a back room to take a break. Bronson was wearing his Coke uniform and was on company time when he drank the offending Pepsi. Someone spotted Bronson and notified the company, according to a Teamsters Union representative. Bronson had never been disciplined before and had a "clean record", however, Coca-Cola fired him for drinking the competitor's product while wearing the company's uniform and in a company truck.:happy:

  2. hahahaha fatima,, these are really VERY VERY FUNNY :DI like the First & the last one very much :DReally made me so much happy..

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