India Republic Day

Zehava Ben

India Republic Day

My dear friend RKK sent me this PPS file
to share with me and I felt it to be my
honor to share with my readers.

India has come along way since the times of
Gandhi, which I did see that movie several
times and can still see it more.

Please enjoy the music which was again provide
by my magical DJ. Amir. Qbone.. while seeing this PPS


Congrats India,
with love,


6 thoughts on “India Republic Day

  1. Hi my EveAnd next blog is beautiful. The slides and music too. A long time ago I interesting an India. And I like this country. Thanks……

  2. HI Andreu,Yes India is very wonderful and has so much history from many differnt anglesand mostly from the Brittish. I was happy when RKK sent me this file to share with my readers and I am hoping the people of India enjoyed it as well.Your welcome Fati

  3. MOM, After I wrote that comment here I met a man who lived in INDIA. He is INDIAN and he is living in Viet Nam to do something and we have talked many things:)Very exciting! I have told him about your blog and some friends come from INDIA on OPERA:).Hope that he has time to visit and enjoy your blog:)Wish I have more time to visit all people! but I am so busy. I am sorry! I will visit all of our GODfamily latter. I am preparing to come home on my holiday ( TET or Lunar NEW YEAR of VietNamese) I will come home in about 2 weeks:)I love you and miss you!Take care!Son

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