Tale of Two Cockatoos

My Scout sent me this in an email
and I had to share it with my readers.

I use to have many birds and in fact
so did my older sister and then
my #3 daughter took over the
breeding of Cockatails.


A Tale of Two Cockatoos
This link is to a photography journal
of the story of two cockatoos,
one domestic and one wild.
The female has a bad wing and cannot fly
and she is courted by a wild male.

He manages to get her cage open and the relationship continues
from there.
They even raise a family.

Be sure to click NEXT PAGE when you get to the bottom of the page on the site..

Tale Page

I love birds for the human feelings they exhibit and the
unconditional love they give .

Enjoy with love,

12 thoughts on “Tale of Two Cockatoos

  1. Awww! :love: My grandmother and grandfather have always loved birds as well, their entire life they have always owned at least3 of them…. I remember going to their house and the birds having to be put back into the cage so that they would not escape, :)Wonderful memories. :heart:Sarah

  2. Dearest Fatimah,I like birds.The music is also wonderful.I had many big birds of differents colors in my dad's campement.You put me tonight in my fantastic childhood.Mohamed

  3. HI Andreu,I know you love animals I have seen your dogs they are so sweet :)but I also know you LOVE music .. thank you for always enjoying mine.Fati

  4. HI Sarah,Birds are loving creatures and they do hold many memories for so manyI am happy this post gave you a few minutes of fond memories and the feeling of your grandparents.:heart:Fatimah

  5. HI Mohamed,I am also very happy to have brought to you some warm memories of your childhood and some peace after you long day of work.Fatimah

  6. HI Shashi,You are welcome and I love stories about the animal kingdomit really makes me happy I am a part of this worldThanks againFati

  7. HI Steven,I had a feeling you were super busy.. I was going to write you if I didnt see youin a few more days :)You are so right about animals showing their feelings to us and their own kind.I had a horse one time that loved baby calfs since he was raised with goats..he would take them from the mothers which was bad but still he would sleep with them so cute if only I took photos 😦 Thanks for your comment Steven and always for your presence here.Fati

  8. Animals are so much more in tune with life than us humans.It is amazing how they show so such graditude,and love for each other.WarmlyStevenI have been swamped sorry for the absence.

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