Sufi Poetry

On Walks the Nights

Those who have not realized God will wander,

homeless in this world, destitute in the next.

But watch the lovers dance with ecstasy,
as they merge into the oneness of God [Allah].

Sultan Bahu, translated by J.R. Puri and K.S. Khak



11 thoughts on “Sufi Poetry

  1. Wow, how beatiful. I am speachless. Can only feel the God's glory, in the song, in the poetry and the picture. Love, Ramute.:)

  2. HI JV,I found this on a page I use.. I had a feeling it was from Persia and I was right.." Sufism then spread to Persia. But whenever the Sufis expressed their free thought, they were attacked by the established religions, and so Sufism found its outlet in poetry and music. Thus it happened that the great Sufi poets, such as Hafiz, Rumi, Shams-i Tabriz, Sadi, Omar Khayyam, Nizami, Farid, Jami, and others, gave the wisdom of Sufism to the world. Rumi's work is so great that if one has read and understood it one has learnt every philosophy there is. His poems are sung in the sacred assemblies of the Sufis as part of their worship. The lives of the Sufis were marvelous in their piety, in their humanity.I have read Omar Khayyam from the age of 13 and other Sufi Poetry from that age also not even knowing anything about Islam or the people inside Islam only being a lover of poetry and feeling the love from all the words I would read over and over. Thank you for asking Fati

  3. HI RamuteYes I love this song and when I found these pictures, I just knewthey would work :)Thank you for enjoying as always LoveFati

  4. Ma tres chere,Do you know all sufi are big artists.It's not easy to pierce their world or to read them…They have real meeting with God…That's why they are very CALM Mister SAMB

  5. Hello Mister Sambyes I know I have been reading them for many years and CALMNESS is a very large part of their life and if I wasn't so STRESSED I too would be CALMFatimah

  6. Dear Zen ya, Great post. Great song and great music. I just couldn't help sharing my experience with Sufi meditation, so here I am. About 50 of us, drawn from various walks of life / strata were seated in a hall. This Swamiji was slowly introducing us to one of many Sufi meditation. We were asked to love/ exude love by thanking our mother, starting with her toes, one by one, then the feet, then the arms etc. All the while thanking these limbs of her " Oh, how many miles you must have walked to carry me, mama's big toe, to care for me, let me now repay by massaging it, easing its pain.. Oh, my Mama's hands, how many times you had fed me, toiled to cook my food, let me now slowly ease your pain and thank you by doing so… And it goes on, no spoon-fed dialogues, each one think his own words to address his mother's limbs.And then father And then yourself, thank your own feet for carrying you erect so ably… etc, etc. Fati, believe me, at the end of this session I felt so overwhelmed and FULL that tears of joy and love were flowing down unabashed , repeat unabashed, down my cheeks. All the 50-odd people ( from varioius social background) were in a similar tranquil situation…, tears merrily flowing down… A profound experience. At the end of the session, we were told to exchange roses amongst one another through light dance steps. Then to go back home, seek out a long-quarreled friend / relative and just talk to him / her.The next Monday, when we assembled, almost 40 of us confirmed that the friendship had blossomed again and THAT AS THOUGH THE LONG-LOST FRIEND WAS JUST WAITING FOR OUR HAND TO REACH OUT. I still do it once a while, with peace. Felt I should share it with all of here …LoveRKK

  7. HI RKK.I enjoyed feeling your experience and I thank you for sharing this with me and those who will read your loving words.I know what you mean how the feelings blossom and how over whelming they become.. This is what makes you YOU. Thank you for always sharing Happy Valentines day to you as well. LoveZen ya

  8. Friends, one more thing. This experience made me FEEL in my blood and veins – not merely rationally- that goodness abounds in all humanity around us and within us, only it looks like we do not choose to reach out, we shy out. Words fail me..Love,RKK

  9. You are so right RKK.. Just to let you know.. I do reach out only to get slapped in my face..I don't reach out to often any longer.LoveZen ya

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