At Close Range.. National Geographic


This post is dedicated to all who love photography
including my dear friend, JV
I have on several occasions asked JV to submit his work to National Geographic.

I was watching a TV documentary last night called,

I was in AWE of this man, what he does to get the perfect shot, we the viewers
of his work and others at this magazine do not know what these people give up
just to travel and also risk their lives for a photograph that will stun us
and bring happiness and tears to our hearts.

He also has seen the effects of the deforestation of the jungles
and global warming.

He lives with these visions in his mind and heart and this too effects his photography as he wants to educate all humans
how to love our earth more before it's all gone.

Please visit this link and find out more about this wonderful program .

This post is to thank Joel Sartore,
just one of the many photographers
that go beyond for all of us…

With so much respect,


13 thoughts on “At Close Range.. National Geographic

  1. More on Joel…Besides the work he has done for National Geographic, Sartore has completed photo assignments for Time, Life, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated and numerous book projects.Wow

  2. It is amazing what some camera men do to get that perfect shot for our veiwing pleasure.It is a work of art in my opinion.Thanks FatiSteven

  3. Yes Steven you are so right .. his family life suffers I feel he is addicted to his work . He is lucky to have awife so understanding and so in love with himand his 3 kids also.. It's like he feels he has never gotten the shot of a life time.:(Thanks for reading Steven,Fati

  4. I like camera very much, so that i dream it everynight… i wanna get the perfect shot like the professional…But what a pity… actually i dont know why i keep my mind in the perfect…

  5. Dearest Fatimah,Thanks to give us this occasion to know Joel and his job.Joel and lot of people working hard and never decorated are really an army and today Fatimah recognition to Joel.Thank you again my love.Mister SAMB

  6. HI Wenchong so many keep their mind in the "PERFECT" and there really isn't anything PERFECT.. just in our own minds eye ..This man is on a quest for obtaining the "PERFECT" and yet he has stated he feelhis photos are NOT any where near what people state about them. Now that you know you look for "PERFECT" try to settle for less or your stress level will be to high for your heart..Fati

  7. Mohamed you are welcome and this is why I did the post to showmy readers that these people men and women go around the worldget sick from insects and yet keep shooting.. One man last year died living in the wilderness shooting a documentary onbears and he died by one.. He met his fate.Thank you for readingFatimah

  8. Hi Fatimah,Yes you said the truth… just in our own minds eye …"PERFECT" is not really perfect, it just in our heart…You said the man who died for the bears, my heart was impacted by the story… it is grateful… " yeah "He met his fate"…I believe the "PERFECT" or the best smiling is the moment when he "MET"…YoursWenchong

  9. HI Wenchong,His friends said they were sure he was happy to die in this manner since helived with them for a very long time and even named them bears.They killed the bear that killed him and found parts of this man inside the bearand also his watch. :(Thank you for feeling the meaning of the post.Fatimah

  10. Hi again,That man is greatful, to protect our nature including all of cute animals, is responsibility to us for the earth's civilization…we need animals and so they are…:heart:YoursWenchong

  11. Hi Wenchong,You right again we all need animals however so many don't think this way.Thanks for your comments and your caringFatimah

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