An Update on My Son Nick


I thought I would update my post
about my Son Nick who was in jail
and now is in a rehab half way house.

I was scared to read it alone so I drove
over to my daughters house however, she
wasn't home so I came back to my house
and opened it alone.

I had to face what he says no matter where
or with whom I was with so I preceeded to read
the long letter.

Thank God it was all good and nothing horrid for
me to deal with.

Nick sounds so postitive and looking forward to getting
back East to be with his family and at the end of the letter
he said he now knows that "FAMILY IS ALL THAT MATTERS"

I have found this to be true too in my 7 years now of wandering from Egypt to
USA and going through hell with all my children and still facing some problems
with a few, however looking forward to a bright future.

Thank you my friends in Opera for your prayers and well wishes for my family
and my life always..

With Love,

19 thoughts on “An Update on My Son Nick

  1. when one learns from their mistakes they won't be made again, I have learned this year also Nick is not alone in his lessonsto be learned.I have passed some tests which God placedin my path and I am now on a higherlevel in life and soon Nick will bealso. finally 🙂

  2. Hi FatiI am so glad that things are working out for you.There is nothing that breaks one's heart more than trouble within the family.I pray all will work out fine.Steven

  3. Hi, Fati,That's good news. I know that in your heart you are celebrating. And as your son puts it, family is all that matters. Love, Ramute.:)

  4. Hi my friends,Yes I am celebrating and I knew my prayers would be answered only in the right time. Like I said lessons have to be learned and I did learn a few lately and have come to good conclusions.Thank you for your prayers and friendships they mean the worldto me but you already knew that :)Love Fati

  5. People change…I know this first hand. I have never publicized the fact that I did three years in prison! I was young and stupid. Up to that point, I was constantly making the wrong decisions. That was 40 years ago…that's right…four decades! There are many things in my life that I have forgotten, I will never forget that experience…never.Have faith in your son (I'm sure you already do). I never returned to that lifestyle. I was alone…I had no family supporting me…I was estranged from them at the time; however, with the help of my God, I came through those years a better man. Since your son has family behind him, and you have your God behind you, I have confidence that as long as he places "family first" and maintains a positive realtionship with you and the rest of his family, he will come through this a better man as well.I wish him all the best…and, of course…I will always wish YOU happiness and success in all you do.~Lee~

  6. Hi Lee,Thank you for sharing a part of your life unbenouced to any of us. Life without mistakes does not make a life, it's how we deal with the mistakesand how much we are willing to make an effort NOT to make them again.You have made a great effort and you have moved forward in your life and always reaching out to help others which shows what a great man you have turned into walking on the right path from a wrong one. Our God is a kind and merciful God and gives us all enough rope to either hang ourselves or to pull us out of harms way. We have always been behind Nick.. just due to his ADD and lack of concern for the family back then he has chosen to walk alone and now he seeshe is not alone and I do pray that he decides also to take meds for his ADD which will help him think better and make wiser decissions about all parts of his life. Thank you Lee for always being there for all who know you. :heart:Fati

  7. Good news and I wanna assure you that we all opera members are with you and with everybody else who needs help…i'd say that I'm an athiest but again I sometimes feel like believing in the power of prayers…Be happy and gay…:smile:Coz nothing should lay you down:heart:Sonam:love:

  8. HI Sonam,thank you for your wishes and postitive thoughts.I am just thankful for the lines of communication to be open againand to hear good things from this son which will lead to more postitive actions in the future when he comes home. I know it will be the blessing my family needs to be whole againand maybe the 2 children whom don't speak to me will become morehuman in their feelings and put their ill thoughts to the sideand really see that "LIFE IS SHORT"Thank you again LoveFati

  9. Yes, this is true…'LIFE IS TOO SHORT'But then it is also true that life is too damn long…what else do you do that is longer:lol:Sonam:love:

  10. Dear Zen ya, I am so glad that things are looking up for Nick and your family as a whole. I pray that things get better and better… I see tons of wisdom in your words and Lee's and others too. As for ADD do get a second opinion for ADD ADHD BPD etc have very similar manifestation. Someone very close to me was diagnosed wrong, wrong tablets prone to side effects given for almost over a year by good team of psychiatrists till it was finally and roughly diagnosed as BPD and harmless lithium tablets did the cure. I understand that if lithium level in blood is below 0.5 mild lithium doses can do no harm if kept below 1.1 level.Doctors will be the best to decide…. There is also a wonderful technique known as EFT ( Emotional Freedom technique) which has worked wonders in several cases known to me through friends.Will wind up for now.Love RKK

  11. Hello RKK,thank you for your wisdom also 🙂 I look forward always to your comments and your experiences in all parts of your life . A friend of mine suggested Vitamin B maybe this would help him I don't know however, Nick is not one to follow any ones advice this is why he is in troubleover and over..Thank you again and keep your wisdom coming ..LoveZen ya

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