A Beautiful Boy

Spring Water Music

A person added me to his friends list and of course I
always go to see who it is and what their blog is about.

I was shocked to see such a beatiful designed blog
and the most beautiful BOY..
His son.

Please visit this blog and see for yourself..

Beautiful Boy

I have no idea what is being said on this blog since I don't speak
his language but the colors and the design and photos are a must see.

I hope you will feel the same as I do ..


With love,

15 thoughts on “A Beautiful Boy

  1. Music provided from my friend Li WangI love this music so much and it really goes well with the line of thought of my post .. thank you Li 🙂

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwww 😀 . Thanks for your post and comment. I add because i like Zenya blog. (Photo very nice)My nickname Cò ( Little Stork 😀 ) – 18 month old and from Vietnam. I can say just some words only, such as: Bye, mam mam, oe oe oe, dad, mum 😀 :DWelcome to my blog. Love allP/S: My language Vietnamese,if you want, please go to:http://vdict.com/?autotranslation Copy and paste, translation to English (not fully accurate 100% :D)

  3. Good afternoon MOM and you all,I knew this blog before and I love this blog too. He comes from Nam Dinh where is my country:)I agree with you all that this baby is very so lovely and beautiful:love:The music is very great touch because it is like Folk-songs of Vietnamese. Very so familiar with me. Thank you MOM.loveSon

  4. HI Ramute,I was shocked to see how his expression is so grand. I have a feeling Co will become a great man thanks for feeling this too.LoveFatimah

  5. Hello CO,thank you for being a sweet boy and very royal at that :)I am happy you like my blog and you shared yours with all of us also.amazing graphics but most of all , love is over flowing on your blogwith the family being the centerpiece.Thank you againFati

  6. HI Diem,It's nice to know you knew this blog too next time try to share it ok???? :)I love seeing new blogs and with heart and creative ways.LoveMom

  7. Oh, yeah, I will do that. He added me as his friend few month ago and I just visited his blog few times.LoveSon

  8. HI Con, I did visit your photos and you are so sweetand your Dad loves you TO MUCH 🙂 such cute photos and the subject YOU loves to have your photo taken.Thank you for sharing your photos againFati

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