Storms in Africa

Storms in Africa

Irish Gaelic Translation
Cá fhad é ó [1]
Cá fhad é ó
Siúl trí [2] na stoirmeacha [3]
Gabh trí na stoirmeacha [4]

Cá fhad é ó
Tús na stoirm
Cá fhad é [5]
Ó tús go deireadh

Tóg do chroí
Siúl trí na stoirmeacha
Tóg do chroísa
Gabh trí na stoirmeacha

Turas mór
Trom trí na Stoirmeacha

Turas fada
Amharc trí na stoirmeacha.

How long is it since
How long is it since
Walk through the storms
Go through the storms

How long is it since
The start of the storm
How long is it
From beginning to end

Lift your heart
Walk through the storms
Lift your heart!
Go through the storms

Great Journey
Heavy, through the storms

Long Journey
Look through the storms

With love,


9 thoughts on “Storms in Africa

  1. the first photo was used with permission from gallery has wonderful real photos of Africaand people and flowers and animals. The storm photo was taken in Kananga, formerly (and on some company names) known as Luluabourg or Luluaburg, is the capital of the Lulua province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It has a population of 1,130,100 (2004).The second art work is from my friend Moonmomma,she has a great creative mind.. and thank you for reading:love:Fati

  2. Hi, Fati, Thanks for your effort to make us acquainted with different gifted artists in different countries in your own special way.Thanks for sharing the best. The post is as always cool. Love, Ramute. 🙂

  3. HI Ramute,I thought it would be nice to introduce peopleto Gaelic .. the language of Ireland.I have a friend from Ireland and he speaksGaelic to me or use to and I love hearing itsince it's from my ancestors. Thank you for seeing beyond my efforts.LoveFati

  4. HI Diem,I knew you would love that part :)thanks for always seeing the bright side in life. This is what makes people strongand you my son are very strong.Love to youMom

  5. Good afternoon MOM,Thank you MOM very so much for understanding me and you are very so strong too.I love youSon

  6. HI Andreu,I have missed you reading my blog I know how busy you are 😦 thank you for not forgetting my blogIt waits for you Fati

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