Sand Castles 2


A while ago I did a post with sand castles
and this one is part 2 .

I find it amazing that the detail is so acurate
I hope you find it also. Please hear the music while viewing..

with love,

10 thoughts on “Sand Castles 2

  1. Hi, Fati, This is awesome. As you noticed all the details are accurate. I liked the first figure, because of the birds, who have feathers which are like real. Love, Ramute.:)

  2. Good evening MOM,Thank you for sharing them! Really wonderful feels I had when I viewed them and listened to the music(more than 20 munites tobe safe feels). Thank you.Have a nice weekend!:love:Son

  3. HI Diem,Wow 20 minutes 🙂 thank you for taking the time to relax and enjoy the music,I love this song for the peace and calming it offers . You are welcome my son always,:love:Mom

  4. HI Ramute,I think you can read my mind 🙂 that's why I chose to show it for the detailsthe feathers do look real and so much effort was put into carving them.thank you for always seeing and feeling what I do :)Love,Fati

  5. I love the work and efforts put into them and how sand can be a canvas as well thank you Andreu for viewing and spending timeto comment always

  6. Wow, that really is unbelievable… :eyes:Wonderful works, nice ideas and great artists.Thank you for this nice post! :up:

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