An Honor

Wish You Were Here

I received an email one time
from someone who found me on Opera
due to a song.

This person used most of all the photos
in this presentation from my blog
and the song also.

I feel it's truely an honor for me
to have my photos used in such a manner

I hope you will click the link and download
the exe file which I have checked and it's clean
and time well spent viewing my photos and their
words so magically blended into one.

I did not hear the song however, I will place the song here
so you may hear it while viewing.


Thank you my friend for the honor

Humbly yours,


9 thoughts on “An Honor

  1. You are very welcome my lovely and dear Fatima, I am glad that you enjoy"ed" these music as much as I did and still do and its my honour to share it with my very special and talentfull lady.Love you too..:cheers:

  2. Good evening everybody,I am viewing and listening to the music.Not only Fatimah enjoyed your music but also me too and others one, Qbone. Thanks to you Q so much for wonderful music and thanks to you MOM for sharing:heart:Diem

  3. Hi my friendsI couldn't hear the music so Diem thank you for tellingme you could :)Q, has a great collection and varied tastes, so Diem most of what I put here has come from Q :)Thank you all for reading and viewing and enjoyingFati

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