Winters Kiss Goodbye

Amid the falling snow

I have had a nice winter, weather wise however, on Friday the 16th
winter decided to give the North East a kiss goodbye.

My area was the hightest amount of snow 16-18 inches.
I know many will laugh at this amount especailly in Norway,
however, after have hardly any snow and here spring is only
a few days away we get this kiss goodbye.


9 thoughts on “Winters Kiss Goodbye

  1. I took this photo through my screen door,the silver car is mine which I had to dig out after the plow guy pushed ever higher amount of snow infront of the cars in the parking lot :(Hurry spring:love:

  2. HI Andreu,Usually I have more snow during the winter this storm was the mostsnow for the whole winter :)One reason why I love the desert.. NO SNOW 😀

  3. Hi, Fati, This is how much snow we usually have. This winter was very warm and we had snow only in February. Now we have no snow. Love, Ramute:)

  4. HI Ramute,I hope you are feeling better now ? I noticed alot of countries are experiencing warmer winter this year .. I guess it's Global Warming :(Nice to see you're back take care and get wellLoveFati

  5. Hi Edwinthis week all this snow will melt but firsttonight we will have ICE RAIN 😦 I am gaining patience with mother nature 🙂

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