Hand Art

Hands of Love

I love these 2 photos I hope you will also..

These Pictures show you how valuable the hands really are.

Very creative and impressionable..



10 thoughts on “Hand Art

  1. Hi, Fatima,Interesing pictures. I always like when two dimentonal meets three dimentional, like in Esher's pictures. You called them arms of love, and it fits these pictures. Warmly, Ramute.:)

  2. I can't understand which hand is real and which one is a drawing?both hands are real or the one which holds a pen?anyways, the ART is really very inspiring.LoveSadaf

  3. HI Sadaf,I know what you mean I think it might be a photograph along with the artwork not sureit really stains the mind to figure it out 🙂 I just like the blend of fact and fiction if you know what I mean?thanks for enjoying and commenting and keep in touch okkkkkkkk????Love you sister,Fatimah

  4. Hello Ramute,I love the photos such as these it really brings them to life. and this song fits so well since without hands we would have to use our feet or teeth to paint and I have seen this also 🙂 Thank you for feeling the importance of this kind of art work.LoveFati

  5. Fatimah, this is all a drawing. I have seen others like thisand they are made to look like a blend of real and fake, but nothey are both drawings. :):heart:

  6. HI Sarah I was thinking it was a photograph and a drawing mixed but no matter whatit's amazing how they can create things such as these.thanks for explaining.Hi Grass, thanks for viewing and being amazed with the rest of us.Hi Andreuas always you enjoy all my posts , did you like Kermit too ? :DFati

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