A Basket Full

One of my companies I work with is a pet company
and the supervisior sent around this picture of her
cat who cuddled up in her childrens Easter Basket

I explained to her this photo would make a great addition to a
pet calendar ..

Who thought Easter was just for kids ?

Thanks for viewing

7 thoughts on “A Basket Full

  1. meow :cat: Look at those eyes, he looks so un-amused. LOL Easteris a great time for the kids….Fati, do you have any plans withyour grand-daughter? She might be too old for egg hunting. (Like my older girls think) but my 7 year old is going to hunt eggs with her little cousins, I hope!:heart:Sarah

  2. HI Aleks, thanks for enjoying this kitty I forgot to ask her what his name is :(Hi Ramute.. I thought to share it since it's not every day you see a kitty in a Easter Basket 🙂 and a fat one at that lol.HI Sarah,I haven't been invited for Easter at my daughters house I guess my other daughter will be there and that means I can't go. It's ok I am getting use to being alone on the holidays gives me more time for movies or doing other things alone.thanks for asking anyway I know how much you want me to have my family back.Hi Dave,Nice to know you have a kitty too maybe yours will go in a basket if you put one out?This kitty reminds me of my beautiful Babeba I had in Egypt I have her photo in a post way back .. Thank you all for enjoying this kitty in the basket LoveFati

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