What Goes Around .. Comes Around

I am a firm believer in this quote,

"What goes around, Comes around"

those who know me well know
I have faith in these words and I leave it to the universe to collect.

Today some of past actions are coming around.. I also believe in this for
love matters and relationships.. screw get screwed !!!!

I rec'd an email containing a name and number of a man who needs me to work
in his company doing work in stores this woman gave up due to her driving distance
and I have already gained work from her in these stores CVS for one company now I will work for 2 in these same stores ..

Just like old times for me when I gave up my work to 4 women where as I did them all
see what goes around……… does come around just takes time ..



8 thoughts on “What Goes Around .. Comes Around

  1. I hope that all the good and great and wonderful and fantastic things keep coming back around to fill your life with joy.:yes:

  2. That is a pretty popular song right now….:) But anyway..when I watched the videoI loved it so much, because I found it to be one of the most honest songs out there right now. Justin did a great job getting the point across in the video, lol.Stay sweet love you,Sarah

  3. Hi Lee,Thank you for always wishing the best for me, your words alwaysmean so much and I know they come from a caring person not someonejust being flip.I had phone converstation with this new man from the companyand it turns out he also knows another company whom might need my services 🙂 Now I am hoping my car holds up or I am DEAD MEAT 😦 Thank you my friendFati

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