Easter Blessing

I finally got my wish to spend a holiday not alone,

I baby sat my 2 grand girls over at the Heaven House, and we enjoyed
sharing dinner at a table and sharing views on differnt parts of our
lives and sharing feelings about growing up and of course LOVE..

It's been a dream of mine to have some quiet time with just the girls
and hear their minds without their mother sufficating their words.

I have learned patience and through this all good things do come.

This PPS file is proof and my Easter Blessing to those who view it.

Your Easter Blessing

Music is included in this file.. Please enjoy and accept my Easter Blessings

Happy Easter to you all,


8 thoughts on “Easter Blessing

  1. whats realy a true blessing is the authors you speak of kahil gilbran another of my favorites too and blessings to you as your warmth and happiness is a much welcome inbox note PEACE

  2. Thank you my friend, blessings come in many forms and sincerity to me is one of them.Gilbran and Rumi are magical to me and inspire emotions in their words.Rumi:One day You will take my heart completely and make it more fiery than a dragon. Your eyelashes will write on my heart the poem that could never come from the pen of a poet.From peace comes understanding,from understanding comes Love.Peace to you always.Fatimah

  3. I'm so glad your Easter wish came true and you were able to spend Easter with 2 grand girls and in a Heaven House. You were truly blessed. And thank you for such a meaningful slide show, which conveys Easter Spirit. With love, Ramute.:)

  4. Hi Ramute,Thank you for your caring and sincere happiness for me after 2 yearsof knowing me, you do understand how long I have waited.My scout sent me this PPS file to share with my readers and those would who accept it as a blessing also.I hope your day was a great one and your health is doing well.LoveFati

  5. Fatimah,That your Easter blessing was recognized: God realizing God.That you posted a slideshow of wonderfully inspiring messages: God realizing God.It is all the same. We strive to know that which we already should know. On a more fundamental level, I am so happy for you that your prayers were answered. To know one's progeny is a gift, one that I shall never know (no children). In a future posting, tell us what Easter means to a follower of Mohammed.love,Ken

  6. Hi Ken,Thank you for your kind words and your gentle heart always.I know your words are genuine and so is the heart you hold,I am very happy you returned to Opera we need more heartslike yours and others who share here.I can't answer for the Phophet Mohamed <pbuh> I only knowhe too loved Jesus as all the Phophets were and are reconized in the Islamic faith. Many refections were made back to Jesusand Mary and the bible. Many books written about the Phophet Mohamed and the holy nighthe transcended to Heaven, there he was with Jesus, no one elsein any religion has claimed that blessing. I am not educated enough in Islam, to discuss this part of Islam.Thank you for askingLove,Fati

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