Heavenly Thoughts


Dedicated to an old friend, Patrica
I worked with her many years ago and
we were a team, everyone knew us as
"TROUBLE" we worked in a hospital
together and such great times we had.

I just learned yesterday Pat passed away
3 years ago, of course I was out of country
so I didn't know.

Enjoy Heaven Pat.. I know you are looking down at me
and saying.
" What a NUT !"
she use to say that all the time.

Loved you always,
as she knew me..

7 thoughts on “Heavenly Thoughts

  1. Yes MOM. I too agree with you that she can hear what you want to say with her and she also understands you. Both of you are very so good and your friendship will be forever.And codolences to you MOM.Love and hugsSon

  2. Hi All,thank you for your caring, she always had health problemshowever, I wrote to her a while ago and never heard back so I sorta figured she passed away.She is in a better place now for sure.thanks for the caring Fatimah

  3. Hi Sarah,thanks for reading and understanding my feelings towards Patricia,I was blessed to have her like a Mom to me and my kids she was a great ladyall loved her who knew her.Love you tooFati

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