Spring is HERE

The flowers are up, the sun is out
and at Heavens house,
the pool will open soon.

The dogs will be home soon and I am booked for watching them on May 19th
to the 23rd, I didn't think I would miss them so much .. but I do 🙂

4 months they have been gone and the house is so quiet with out them.

Spring is finally here and with new begingings to all

with love

6 thoughts on “Spring is HERE

  1. What a wonderful out look to have on spring and summer. I know that you guys are going to have a blast chillin' by the pool. The dogs…:love:….that is cool that you actually missed them, lol. :heart:

  2. yes I do miss the dogs since I don't have a dog here and the dogs really do love me even the owner statedhow she was shocked to see how close they got to me.I intend to use that pool and get back into shape from the long crazy winter and the winter weight :(Not much but enough Thanks for the caring :heart:

  3. That is a great idea, especially because the water is gentle to the body, it will feel very relaxing just to get in there and float around. As busy as you are, i am shocked to hear that you gained weight! Well, it will come off easily. Have a great day, yesterday I smashed my ring finger on my left hand trying to catch the camera when it fell, so it is swollen up and black and blue, you should see it, it looks like something out of a horror film. 😆 I am being a big baby about it, so I am going to 'nurse' it today…as much as I can anyway… :heart:Sarah

  4. Hi Sarah,I didn't gain much weight only around 5 lbs but my pants feel like it's more loltake care of yourself and put ice on it thanks for replying LoveFati

  5. yes they are Andreu and the flowers are out now and the grass turned green over night it's wonderful to know the winter is OVER :)Happy Spring to you

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