Emergency Radio

Each day we have been having storms and our power
has been going off so far the longest has been 3.5 hrs.

Thank God I have my laptop I can watch movies on it or hear
music for at least 3 hrs 🙂

I decided to buy an emergency radio this has many features
and I wanted to share it with my readers incase they have
not thought about buying one and why they really should now
that the summer storm season is here.

It comes in many colors and has these features:

Stay informed and be prepared during a power outage or an emergency. The portable FR-300 radio broadcasts news and current weather conditions, has a built-in LED light with emergency flash and siren, and charges cell phones (Eton will send you a free adaptor for your cell phone model). Now available in a selection of exclusive translucent colors as well as camouflage. Great to have on hand at camp or while traveling in remote areas.
The handcrank power generator charges an internal NiMH battery for power in case of an emergency. Features an AM/FM tuner, audio from TV1 and TV2 (VHF channels 2 to 13) and all seven NOAA Weather Radio channels. Nylon carry case for traveling. Can also run on three AA batteries, not included. Made for L.L.Bean by Eton.

Money well spent

Thanks for reading


9 thoughts on “Emergency Radio

  1. Hi AleksNO I work for myself, I just like to share good informationand to bring to those whom may not think of it that's what :angel: are for:)

  2. Gee Whiz…….I have one at home just like it. Same color too!The first thing I purchased before leaving for Eastern Texas responding to Hurricane Rita.:) Haven't used it since but it comforts me knowing I have it.:D Warmest:)

  3. Hey Dave,great minds think alike :Dyes, it's a great comfort to know it's there is you do need itmy sister said the power today was going on and off too.She also has one :Dthanks for commenting 🙂

  4. How do gather information on these.Very nice. It's unbeleivable thing for me that an woman searches on internet so addictively.

  5. I don't know if that's a compliment or not :)I am very computer literate and have been around computers since1976 so I am familar with searching.. Thank you for reading Fati

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