In one week 3 differnt sightings were reported to me.

First one was ….

Bears in Connecticut.. I even had one picking my garbage just
a few days ago. His foot prints were all over the dumpster.

Second one..

Seen at the Heaven House :yikes: I might have to cancel night swimming 😦

Third one….

He shops in a local store I work in 😀

Last year I reported he was at the lake across from my apartment house..
I have a good feeling he is living closer than most know 😉

Just a few new things to report and to watchout for ..

Van Diesel is top on my list

thanks for reading


18 thoughts on “Sightings

  1. Hi S,I do too but not meeting them at night walking down to the pool 😦 they are very beautiful and powerful even tho small.:)

  2. as I was writing this post the news in Connecticut just saida Moose was seen in an area also..I also did a post on a Moose swimming in the lake acrossfrom my house as well..OH the same lake as Van Diesel I wonderif the moose is looking for him also :)Fati

  3. wow. beautiful bobcats! wow. no night swimming for you GF! unless Vin goes with you, in which case you won't even notice the bobcats! or you can take him along to protect you! wonder what all the wildlife is up to? we have a huge problem with baboons here though! too clever for their own good and the humans that feed them are too stupid for ours!

  4. yes these kinds of friends are wonderful in the day time when you can see them 😀 HI GF,, I would not notice anything but Van D..why would I look at anything else LOL..Baboons are dangerous if annoyed, I have seen them on tv go nutsbeing upset.. I hope you are careful too :)yah they get use to humans and want to be close to them for food and attention too.thanks for reading

  5. Hi Ramute,thank you for reading however, during the day after I wrote about the moose some lady hit the moose as it wandered into the road and she is in the hospital and the moose died .How sad we can blend with nature :(LoveFati

  6. poor moose and the lady too :(ah i'm well trained in baboon management you know. it used to be my job!here they've become a problem since many of our suburbs are in such close proximity to their home ranges and tourists feed them and habituate them. it;s not their fault really 😦

  7. Michelle,Right, wasn't the moose's fault. If the darn humans traveling through it's habitat would pay more attention………..that's why my comment was…..too bad about the moose.:)

  8. yes it was sad about the moose however, we don't have moose in Connecticut this one wandered down from Northen Maine.the weather man was saying this AM how sad it was also.We are not use to seeing moose, deer yes they are bad enough,GF I hope we won't ever have a baboon problem :DThanks for caring and commenting LoveFati

  9. i agree, devans. and we need to learn to drive more slowly, just in general. but in Cape Town sometimes it's really hard especially at night when hares or jackals or buck just step into the road and freeze in the headlights. on a dirt road it's fairly safe to swerve away if you're going slowly but in other circumstances you might kill other road users. best to go slow so you can break in time.i once saw a show where a family was travelling by car and hit a moose. the mooses antlers damaged the little babies chest. it was hard to know who to feel sorry for more. horrible!

  10. well i'm fine with baboons but wouldn't like to meet a real live bear close up and not know what to do. play dead? look as big as possible?

  11. they say to make alot of noise like yelling and banging pots and pans if you are camping they don't like loud noises.I am sure I would freeze and pee my pants 😀

  12. It's hard to blend nature and humans especially now a daysthere are to many cars and roads being built into their homes Also not enough signs to alert new drivers in those areas what to expect.I heard horror stories concerning moose and cars :(I am glad I only have to deal with deers and bears and bob cats OH we also have some mountian lions the parks department was nice enough to let loose to help with the over population of the deer in the North East of USA :yikes: I use to hike alot too lol NOT lately

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