Poetry of Rumi

Shine Through The Stars

If you could get rid
of yourself just once,
The secret of secrets
Would open to you.

The face of the unknown,
Hidden beyond the universe
Would appear on the
Mirror of your perception.



11 thoughts on “Poetry of Rumi

  1. Art work used with permission by my favorite space artisthttp://aerphis.deviantart.com/gallery/She is so wonderful and Ramute I know you love her too :)This song was composed by a friend of mine online and I have purchased 2 of his cds :)I offer this to you in hopes you will become addicted to his music as well and feel the love and devotion he puts into each song.His words here gave me the idea for the poem and post.Thank you Ken for always giving me your "LIGHT""The song is called "Shine Through the Stars",it's not about reaching for a star,but shining past all of that and finding your own inner light."http://www.soulwire.com/newsLove Fati

  2. This is a post with abundance of love messages. First of all the music that captures you at once. Then the illusration, that awakens your imagination.And then the poem of Rumi, which I have to say I don't even understand fully, it is beyoud my imagination. This is a letter that through centuries tries to reach us. With love, Ramute.:)p.s.THe collecion of fractals is awesome.

  3. Hi Fati, I've been lurking for awhile…just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your words very much and the music sounds so nice…thank you for sharing!Best regards, Rain from Taiwan

  4. Hi Rain,Welcome to my piece of Heaven .. my blog.Thank you for coming out of the shadows to comment.I am very pleased you are enjoying my posts and most of allfeeling them.Enjoy with love,Fati

  5. Hi Ramute,Thank you always for following through to the end .. the gallery.yes her fracturals are out of this world, I am sure she has been outside there before 🙂 I am so pleased this post blended as I wanted it to and the new music by Ken Hill is mind flowing beautiful as you all have agreed.Thank you againwith loveFati

  6. Hi GF,Yes! if you let go you will go beyond the rhelm of controland flow into a space you would not see or feel in a controlledlife. There is a saying for this now it's called " going outside the box" this means going beyond your comfort zone.Thanks for reading and sharing Love yaFati

  7. Dear Fa Ma , my computer has some serious problem . I have called someone to repair let ur see. Till then I m on mobile. Ur blng is always been full of creative ideas. I admire . Let me tell u there is no difference between out there and inside us. It is one and the same. It depends upon our individul perspective. U r so kind . Thanks for unusual unique biogs. Aniruddha 😥

  8. sorry to hear your pc is broken we all have these problemsfrom time to time.at least you have your mobile. :)take care and thanks for commentingFatimah

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