A House Not A Hotel

I rec'd this in an email and couldn't believe my eyes.

More to come 🙂



8 thoughts on “A House Not A Hotel

  1. I agree with you :)Some Arabs have a show off mentality, as I have seen in Egypt.They like to act as if they have more or better than others and this is against what Islam teaches, and yet they get more and more and more.Wait until you see the photos I will post tomorrow, you will see real money being wasted :(I don't get it also I guess if you have that much money you can buy anything

  2. But for what?I've never understood this type of money-wasting… (Or at least I understand it, but I can't accept it)

  3. I know what you mean , the Arabs of Saudi are more material minded than USA.Their malls are like palaces and they only sellHIGH END merchandise. You would never see a DOLLAR STOREin their country .

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