High Enough?


After hearing the horrors of today earthquake
and hurricane approaching the islands.
I wanted to share some peaceful times and music with all.

Imagine being there alone, feeling the air and hearing only your inner voice.

the calming, the pureness of ones heartbeat.

imagine the freedom felt while jumping,
a feeling you have never felt before.

Life is full of emotions if we only allow ourselves to feel them.



10 thoughts on “High Enough?

  1. I wouldn't want to feel these emotions, I'd probably pass out from fear…I'm afraid of heights :cry:But I just love these pics, they're awesome!!!

  2. "Life is full of emotions if we only allow ourselves to feel them" I am feeling those emotions with wonderful music. Wonderful! Thank you MOM!loveSon

  3. Hello my son,Long time no hear from nice to see and hear from youI have missed you as usual but I knew you would come around when you had time .. Thank you for caring and always staying intouchLove you Mom

  4. Hi Sarah,thanks for enjoying this wonderful music it's nice when people can browse and hear soft music to enjoy the net with :):heart:Fati

  5. I think you have just decribed all the great turning points in my life – when I have been forced to stop, listen and take action.How lovely it is to see your son corresponding with you here. That's inspirational for parents with younger children to see.Take care

  6. HI Dukibean,He is my ONLINE SON not by blood son, I and a few othershave adopted him online so he would not be alone.If you read his story in the begining of his blog, I feelyou will also adopt him into your life. We all need to read others lives to see how our livesare not so horrid.Thanks for reading and commentingI have missed you:heart:

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