My Journey Continues.

I have been busy working and also working on my life,

I have made a decision it was time for my own apartment
so without hestitation I have been starting to save money
and this week I bought the local paper and wham.. many
listings and I started to make the calls.

I went to see one in my early AM.. very close
to me now but small and high in price not worth
what I would be paying not to mention not very modern.

The one I took was fully modern, less money and the best
part.. down the road from my daughters house who has my 2
grand girls.. It also has a nice yard for enjoying the fresh air.

Of course I asked my daughter if she had any concerns about
me living so close and she said no..

The new apartment is 8 miles further than where I live now,
however, it's sits between here and the Heavens House so all
in all it's great. This photo is not far from the apartment
and it's connected to a power plant in that town.

A journey starts with the first step and I took it yet again,
I am so happy to have my own space and enough room for my office
and my own kitchen and a very beautiful bathroom .

When I move in I will take photos and share my happiness more.

Thanks for reading,

18 thoughts on “My Journey Continues.

  1. Hi All,thank you for your wishes I know you all mean it too. The new landlady called me today and told me she will let me havefirst pick of the things she is going to sell and I don't need to buyanything new.. After living with my sister for 2.5 years I really don't have spaceto buy things while living here and my sister has furniture so I didn'thave to buy any. Thanks again for caring:heart:Fati

  2. Thank you Andreu,You also have been with me since the beginingand you understand the differnt phases of my journey.Thank you for taking it with meFati

  3. Hi Michele,thanks for reading and feeling my joy,you also have been with me from day oneand Dan and a few othersso you all know how much my freedom means to me :yes:

  4. Hai,Hearty Congratulations for buying your own new apartment. May the new space bring you all the happiness, peace and tranquil.RKK

  5. HI RKK,Thank you for your heartfelt wishes and caringI am renting this apartment as it would costto much to buy .. When I get in there I shall take photosand show you a piece of my happinessThanks for commenting again

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