Luna Eclipse



A total eclipse of the Moon occurs during the early morning of Tuesday, August 28, 2007. The event is widely visible from the United States and Canada as well as South America, the Pacific Ocean, western Asia and Australia. During a total lunar eclipse, the Moon's disk can take on a dramatically colorful appearance from bright orange to blood red to dark brown and (rarely) very dark gray.

I remember seeing one while living in Egypt. It was amazing to sit
on my balcony and watch the phases, so magical since it was happening
right in front of me as if I could touch it.

Here is a link for a live webcast for the 28th…updated !



Happy Eclispe


6 thoughts on “Luna Eclipse

  1. Dear Fati-Thanks for the reminder, I shall look up on the sky by the time I get ready to get to work.Have a lovely day.:heart:

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