Shadow Man Vs Beyond

Twilight of the Gods


And left behind

What we had feared
And in this quietness
There is a cloudlessness
That lets us see…

Our years

~silent lotus


5 thoughts on “Shadow Man Vs Beyond

  1. I have remembering the the date …September 11 th ,night ,In chennai ,when i was finished my work in Pentamedia graphics ltd,my friends and myself joyfully talikig about our us -projects.when i got in the auto,the driver said ,blst in usa. i have stunned ,rushed to my flats ,seened the tv- o!,like the tower ,myself and my friends US PROJECT DREAMS are fell down and becomes ashes.But still i am thinking myself I am like a bird of pheenix,from the burnt ashes ,its starts her journey,now my journry is still travelling to the same path…I deeply mourend the victimes and their families in the world.let us pray to the god -O! MY DEAR GOD,PUT a COMPLETE END TO IT…On behalf of opera members ,worldcommunity,LIKE MY IT .TEAMAMATESArt worldP.V.RATHAN

  2. Hi Adam,I did a post to honor your father and your wonderful mother.I am sorry to hear this news I was wondering where Gyula went to since I wrote to him asking him where he was.Thank you for letting me know and now all in Opera will know.May God bless you and your family Fatimah

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