Ode to Gyula

Ode for Gyula

I remember when I first met Gyula in Opera,
He would write to my blog using his mobile phone,
I never heard of this until Gyula explained to me
how it was ok for him to do so..

Gyula was an artist and very good in what he did and he
loved his wife Edith very much.

Gyula sent me this photo of his art work to give me hope back in a time
I needed hope so much.. I did a post using it Heart of the Sunrise

Gyula would explain to me how he would translate my writings
to Edith and she would say.. " Same her words ended" she would
love my stories.. I am sure with Gyula reading them
and putting heart into the words made them even more so sincere.

Today.. I rec'd this note in my blog from Gyula son..

Hi Zenya!

I'm Adam Gyula's son. I have a bad news. Gyula died in 31/07/2007. It was unexpected. He had a cancer.


I loved Gyula very much for his generous heart and his love for Edith and nature.

Please hold a prayer into your heart for his soul and his family.
I know he is looking down smiling now.

You can view Gyulas artwork and his heart Gyula




12 thoughts on “Ode to Gyula

  1. Thank you for reading yes, it's moving but true,we make friendships on Opera and when people vanish we haveno way of knowing to where.Some of us share phone numbersand other means of communicationlike messengers and also sharedfriends.Fati

  2. this is so sad. it's true that perhaps we take our opera and other internet friends for granted-thinking "they'll always be there".my thoughts and prayers go out to Edith and Adam. i hope they find moments of peace when they need them.:heart:

  3. i just visited his blog. it seems strange to think that our blogs might somehow stand as memorials to the things we thought, hoped and dreamed….

  4. Hi Zenya!Grateful!Adam English speak. Arrive home, Adam letter. Adam 23 year, Budapest electrical engineer university student. Adam June 02 – September 6/2007. Colorado, Denver, Mesa Verde, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Malibu Beach, Santa Barbara, New York outing. I beg your pardon for, I'm sorry no English, I' dictionary letter. With love, yours affectionately=szeretettel Edith

  5. Hi Edith,I am very happy to see you writing here and letting me know whatAdam is up to in his studies.. Gyula was very proud of him also, however, he spoke more of you and he and how he would read my words to you and you enjoyed them which I appreciateso much.Adam has traveled around a bit I see and he will be fine in his education and he will be a great engineer and make you and Gyula very proudfor this I am sure.Keep intouch Edith, writing really helps you express your feelingswe are here with you Love to you bothFatimah

  6. Hi Michele,some people feel the internet is'nt real I mean the people we talk tolike they are virual only LOL I won't mention names :DYes our blogs are like memorials once we are gone they continue and live on in our memory and this too is why I blog also my family from time to timereads my posts even tho they don't comment they know I post and read .I get PMs from my friends in Opera letting me know they are around and okand why they aren't blogging this is a wonderful gift to me this way I don't have to wonder or worry.Thanks for reading and seeing the other side of blogging:heart:Fati

  7. One thing I have always wondered about cyberfriendship…especially so when it is either through blogs or emails wherein one does not see faces (no webcams) but still keep strong communication…one day one of the communicant dies…the other has no way of no knowing…unless the person who disappears gives a hint to anyone of his/her his friends in the cyberspace for prior notification ..quiet often I too had (have) been invisible on the Net though have been sustaining with friends across…it is interesting on the one hand to relate in friendship without webcam…but the whiff of uncertainty is always there…Your writeup tribute was poignant … anyhow …only bodies dies …so does the emergent minds…otherwise the conssciousness never…for it is never born nor dies….ciao!

  8. It's hard to care about someone and then not hear from them again, either they vanishor they die.. Thank God Adam, Gyula son wrote to me or I would not know about his illness and then death.I just experienced in real life, an older gentleman friend of mine whom I have not heard from or seen in a long time and I found out he too passed away quickly and I never got to say goodbye to him.. so it happens in real time too not only in cyberspace.My close friends online we share phone numbers so we may keep intouch when not onlineand this is the best way I feel to bring the depth of the internet into reality.So many friendships I have made over the years and when there isn't any phone number or postal address it's hard to keep in touch .. When someone wants to vanish they can inside the net.Thank you for reading and giving a wonderful comment which I loved reading also.Fatimah

  9. Hello…Zenya! Nice to get replied always. You had evinced interest in getting the book Desert Wisdom. You should get one. That book is unique for quiet a few significant reasons.All the classical languages of ancient times…Arabic, Persian, Aramaic, Hebrew, Chinese, Sanskrit, Tamil, …and some more…are multivalent…multilayered in meaninings…fractal in properties if one cares to pore through them into their essence …their source…the womb of etymology…wherein one finds why they wrote or spoke so…the Engish who translated them into English language then were not adequately qualified and did not have the knowledge resource on language that we have today…so their translations of the Bible or Quran or Torah ..etc… have failed to bring out the pregnant core of their subsistence which were obviously derived through conscient experience…and…DESERT WISDOM provides us that missing link to the wisdom of our ancestors…Sure u will enjoy the book and learn a lot of new perspectives too of the ancient wisdom…Thank u for keeping in touch…Bye!Yrs snc: Yshivoni Omfallos.

  10. Hi Yshivoni,Thank you for your visit and for your elaborate explaination of this book thathas my interest now :)The way you write really leads me to explore more and more < naughty > 🙂 but a greatwriter teases the reader just enough to lure them into the web they weave and thenthey snatch the heart of the readers and there for loyal readers emerge.Thank you for being such person and for snatching up this reader.AlwaysFatimah

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