Autumn in Connecticut

Enya Music

I took these photos last week on my way out of my town,

this location is not far from me and I took photos last year of the same
location which they are posted in my Fall Ablum.

I love the stand alone tree.. the shawdowing is also nice..

Enjoy the hues of the Fall from Connecticut.. :heart: Fati


16 thoughts on “Autumn in Connecticut

  1. always have i loved the scenes of fall trees in the USA. here in SA we have very few indigenous trees and most are evergreen. just the way nature made things down here. thank you for soothing my sore head! 🙂

  2. I like the photos! The colors of the trees are fantastic. One of the good things here is to know different places of the world in "real time", and see that places without traveling a lot!I loved to travel there through this photos… Thank you!

  3. Hi Andreu,I am glad you got to see what I see on my daily drive each day.. and it's so odd that in differnt times of the day the same trees takeon a differnt look.Thanks always for viewingFati

  4. Hi Pablo,I love this time of year also, it reminds me of an oil painting and all differnt colours and feelings from looking into them. Thank you for viewing and sharing alwaysFati

  5. Hi Michele,I was hoping you would be able to see the photos, I know you don't have these colours down your way and it's so soothing to view all the hues from Mother Nature.I hope your headache is gone :)Fati

  6. Wow!!! Beautiful!!! I always want to live in a place like that. A place with a huge green valley. I can lay on the grass under an old tree and watch the cloud in blue sky, feel the lightwind and fall asleep… That sigh always in my mind.I love your picture, I love your place! Thank you so much!

  7. Hi Edwin,I am happy to see the real YOU here.. on the messenger it's your sister !Please contact me when you come online as I don't want to botheryour sister again Fati

  8. Hi DEwow that is cold for you 😦 sorry to hear it has come so the temps have been way above average like spring time and beautiful weather . Now today it was pouring rain and all the leaves are falling off the treesand making the roads slippery and dangerous. The temps will still be in the 50s or 60 I hope. Thanks for commenting and always reading Fati

  9. Hi Grass thank you for enjoying these blurry photos . the day I shot them it was very windy and the wind was blowing the camera a bit.. I too love the single tree in the middle of the field and as a younger woman I use to lay as you stated under these kinds of trees and would spend hoursreading and falling into another world.I am happy you got to see my photos and to experience the Fall here in USA.Thank you againFati

  10. Such beautiful photos. But I have heard that fall is quite a sight to see in your part of the world. Here we don't have such diverse colours in fall. It just seems like yellow and brown – hardly see those beautiful reds. It was like that in Cape Town though – we used to see it as a sign that we should be studying for our exams :lol:Take care.:heart:JCL.

  11. Hi JCL,The various colours of Fall here in the North East is amazing there are so many differnt tones to the trees it really looks like an oil painting. Today the weather was wonderful and so many hiking up the mountians close to where I am and they too are enjoying the colours of the trees and the scents which the leaves send off to all our senses.Thanks for enjoying my photos and for your,Fati

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