A Christmas Story

The Greatest Gift

I saw this story on the news today and it's a sad story with a happy ending.

This is dedicated to the LEE family and may our prayers help guide LEX home.

This kind of story sickens my heart so much I was crying not in joy however,

in sadness for all those young men who died and will never see another Christmas
or their loved ones again.

Lee joined the Marines after graduating from high school in 2004. His father said his drive to become a dog handler came from Lee's mother, who worked with search-and-rescue dogs for their local emergency management agency when Lee was a boy.

After finishing his military police and dog handler training, the young Marine headed to Albany. Lee adopted his first canine partner, Doenja, from the military and sent him home to Mississippi last year when the 11-year-old dog began losing his sight and had to retire.

Lee formed an equally strong bond with his new partner, Lex.

When a mortar attack killed the 20-year-old Marine in Fallujah a few months later, Lex, whimpering from his own injuries, had to be pulled away, Lee's father was told.

I am sharing this story to show everyone who sees my blog that there are more reasons
to have this war ended and to bring our boys home and the dogs as well, 1700 of them.

For more information on this story which has a happy ending for Lex the dog, please
read this page..



The greatest gift for the Lee family is LEX coming home for Christmas
and to feel a part of their son home once more.


4 thoughts on “A Christmas Story

  1. Welcome Rachel,I am honored that you took the time out of your dayto read my post and to comment.My heart goes out to you and your family and alsoto the thousands of others.I wish you and all the families peace and a season of memories of a life time that will keep their spiritsalive.:heart:Fatimah

  2. There are many feelings that surround me through this story. Here we see wars from the distance and sometimes we can't make a complete idea of the pain it causes. But I'm sure war is something we have to refuse, I don't like war and all the damage it causes to humanity (and other species as you show in your blog).It could be better if not only one season like this people could live in peace and surrounded by the loved ones, but always. That's what I think last years.

  3. Hi Pablo,You are so right again, war is created for the rich to become richer, not for fears or protectionand history has repeated itself as far back as the Crusaders and armys beyond them as it shows in the Bible.I don't think this world will ever be peaceful as long as humans are alive there will always be some territorial wars. The earth was perfect before humans and it will be perfect after the humans are gone. sad to say .Thank you for sharing your feelings and feeling the words of my post.Fati

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