Merry Christmas…. Living With Wolves

My Christmas present to my readers.


I watched this show last night for the 2nd time and yet,
the tears still fell from my eyes.

The dedication the Dutchers held for the Sawtooth pack of wolves was
heart wrenching.

To fell the love the wolves held for the
2 people who raised and loved them really made the 6 years
taken from the Dutchers lives worth while.

After releasing the Sawtooth pack onto Native American land, the Dutchers returned a year
later wondering if the wolves would remember them and needless to say, they were
welcomed with kisses from every wolf even the cubs which were young when they
were released.

Due to their dedication over 50 wolves were re-introduced to the land in Idaho.

To read more about these wonderful people and their family of wolves
please visit this site,


Feel the peace
Merry Christmas,


12 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…. Living With Wolves

  1. Hi Fati, I'm glad you've highlighted this beautiful film. Although many animals are more intelligent than is commonly realised, wolves are truly amazing in their depth of perception and bonds of loyalty, which makes situations like this even more difficult to tolerate. Let us hope that this troubled world will be safer for them in the coming year.I loved the wilderness track. Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

  2. Hi again,You are so right, if only humans can follow the ways the wolves and dedicatetheir being to living and family just think how our world would be.Thank you for enjoying this song, Oliver Shanti is amazing artist and all his music is felt in the heart.

  3. HI Ramute,I am very happy to hear from you :)I have written you a few times and no replyso happy to know you are ok.I have missed you,Merry Christmas to you also LoveFatimah

  4. bring your shovel there's still plenty here 😦 I hope you spoke to your family I know they would love sharing the time with you.

  5. HI Marcus,You can have all of my snow :DI am sick of it and winter just started :(I had a wonderful day with my daughter and her familyand even my sister joined .. a wonderful Christmas Hope your day was a great one also .

  6. Its on the discovery channel it's a documentary so sweet and gentle this pack waswith the Dutchers . I know what you mean about caged animals it breaks my heart.just in the news here in USA someone let this tiger out and it killed one person and maulled 2 and the police had to shoot it. I use to be PRO ZOO not any more. 😦

  7. i don't know this film!? at the zoo near here they had a few wolves. i loved looking at them because i've always felt a bit wolf-like myself. they were miserable though in a cage here in Africa 😦

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