Inside The Tree

Nothing Else Matters

When I rented my new apartment I had written into the lease that I would
be allowed to have a cat.

I have been looking at cats which would be adoptable however, none filled
my heart. The search continued.

Today, I went to my 3rd daughters house for Christmas dinner and after doing
gift exchanges she hands me a photo which was inside the tree and says,
" This is your present."

I am thinking okkkkkkkkkkkkkk nice black and white photo.. odd .

She said, " it's the kitten I will get for you Saturday "

I said," You're kidding right? "

She replied, " NO, I found her on petfinders and this is where I printed the photo"

The kitty is 12 weeks old and female, now I need a name .

My heart is still aching for the 3 cats I had to leave behind in Egypt and God only
knows what my X husband did with them since I know he doesn't have them in his new place
and I really don't want to know what he did with them or I would be more heartbroken.

Nothing else matters, just LOVE………

It means so much to my daughter to fill the void I have in my life and to
take the time to search for a kitty that I would love as much
as my 3 girls in Egypt.

Merry Christmas
Peace, Love, Hope

16 thoughts on “Inside The Tree

  1. charming tale… kitten is real cute. looks smart too and has a kind of persian hair style.i'm sure you're going to love her just as much as your others.merry christmas and a happy new year.

  2. Hi Scott,Nice to hear from you again, this kitty is suppose to be part Maine Coon which they do tend to be large when grown up. :)Thank you for reading and commenting and I hope your New Year willbe blessed and full of life.:heart:Fati

  3. What a little sweetie, and what a great present :love:Don't know if yu are asking for suggested names, but how about Holly?

  4. Hi MJ,Thanks for viewing her photo and you know whatthat is a cute name I will keep that in mind,.I have to see her personality first but that would be a cool name :)I would love some offers for names I ran out of them 😀

  5. Hi Michele,yes that's a cute name too 🙂 BAd news, my daughter called me today and said this kitten is sick nowand the other ones with it are also sick so she doens't know if I should take it since it's been sick before.then she asked me if I wanted to wait for this one or she will find me a new oneI told her what ever she wanted to do since it's her present to me. I was going to purchase the things I need for it today since I was working inthe pet stores but something told me to wait. 😦 I don't know what decision she came to she never called me back. Fingers X

  6. Hi All,thanks for the wishes and prayers, what's meant to be will be I guess,I haven't heard back from Heather so who knows what she will get today,the cat lady goes each saturday to this Petco with cats and kittens whoneed homes.I told Heather I didn't want an older cat since they are stuck in their waysand I have to much equiptment around to be tampered with and also paper workfor my companies I don't need to be peed on :yikes: I will let you know what happens I do pray for this kitty to be well and evenif I don't get her that she will have a wonderful life somewhere. :heart: to all,Fati

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