What’s My Name?

Long Long Journey

I traveled many times from one home to another, from petshop to back to my
foster home and then back to the petshop without luck of a new Mom.

Today a young lady found me for you as I was told, I was happy to be going on
my last long journey to a quiet home where only YOU will hold me and love me.

I am happy with you, sorry for keeping you up last night however, I feel better today
enough to play with the toys which came with me.

I need a name Mom, kitty just won't work,
I am a young man of royal bloodlines I think,
and I need a name to fit.

I look like fresh fallen snow and my fur feels just as soft,
I hope you can love me as I know I already love you.

Your new son ?

12 thoughts on “What’s My Name?

  1. Dear Fati,These words deeply warmed my heart and the music takes me away from where I am to a secluded and peaceful place,thank you so much for posting these beautiful things.:heart:Well, the little new member looks like "fresh fallen snow"…I would like to call it:" bai' Xing "–in Chinese,it means "white star"! 💡 :happy:Happy New Year!!!:love:

  2. What a nice looking cat!I bet you have already established strong bonds with each other.I can't propose a name, because it will be Lithuanian. I am sure you will think of the best you can.Love, Ramute.:)

  3. Wow :eyes: What a beautiful cat! :heart:Congrats to your new "son". :)A Happy New Year to you! and … "snowflake"?:cheers: :happy:

  4. Hi Ramute,Thank you for the effort and the compliment on this little boyhe is settled now and not crying all night as he did the first nighthe is happy with me and I with him. I heard having a pet is good for my health, I can only wish :)I have never had this much trouble naming a pet.. and I had many maybe I ran out of names? Happy 08 to you my friend,with loveFati

  5. Hi Ally GHappy NE to you too. I was thinking of that name also and have been calling him various namesand no reply 😦 I was calling him ARTIC as well since he looks like an artic fox or snow leopard.I was thinking of leo also but he isn't happywith any of them. GRRRR … :Dthanks again

  6. HI MJ,Those are great names too but patches is common 🙂 harly I will try thats also a good namethanks for the suggestionsStill testing on him and I know he can hear lol

  7. HI Grace,My friend Tom in China was helping me say this name you choseand when I repeated it to the kitty .. no response, I will keep testing :)thanks for the help and I know you had your NYE already I hope it was a blast. :heart:

  8. I'm surprised no one has suggested this yet, but…(You) back and forth to Egypt(Cat) young man of royal bloodlinesWhy not Amir, the Arabic word for Prince?

  9. HI JDTGood choice however, my good friend Qbone his name is Amir and eachtime I would say this name I would think of him :DThanks for your visit and your input .. any more? :)Fati

  10. I LOVE CAAAAAAAT so much!!! He's very… handsome… :pAnd about the name, have you decided ? How about trying some Japanese name?Oh oh, I wanna see him more and can not think of any name now :P. Please take some more photos of him!

  11. HI Grass.:) you make me smile with your words thank you for that.I am thinking about " SNOWY" since I receieved him it snowed each day and he sorta answers to it soooooooooooooSNOWY I think it shall be.Today he goes to the vet he is having problems breathing a bitand now I feel sick too since he has sneezed into my face many times :(I took a cute photo of him playing I will post it laterthanks for asking for more of SNOWY:heart:Fati and Snowy

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