Update: Snowy

The Inner Child

I can finally say Snowy is better,
still not 100 Percent but so much better.

I was home the other day due to an ice storm so I figured
to catch Snowy doing what he does when I am at work 🙂

Snowy is a growing boy and needs as much rest as he can find however,
he does find a lot of time to be naughty.

I am so pleased to have his company and most of all …..

his love..



7 thoughts on “Update: Snowy

  1. Hello again, Snowy and Fati! Snowy looks quite at home on your bed!Best wishes from my cats! They also love to sleep in the most convienentplaces. And I want to add that the music is great.Love, Ramute. 🙂 :cat: :cat:

  2. such cute pawsies! awwrh! and so soft and cuddly. my dog also loves to curl up in the softest covers. some days he looks so comfortable that i actually make the bed around him! LOL i'm so glad you both have a companion on the cold winter nights too 😀

  3. HI Ramute,Thank you for your kind wishes from your cats too,snowy is getting larger and heavier and more spoiled.I am very happy you enjoyed the music, it's calming isn't itLoveFati

  4. Hi Michele,I know what you mean I just wanted to lay down next to Snowyinstead of going to work lol .. good excuse huh?I am happy too I have something warm near me :DLove to youFati

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