Winding Path

My secret Santa has become my Secret Cupid.
On Valentines Day in front of my door was
a box of candy and a plant.

He never forgets me on the holidays and when I don't
have any one as in moving, he was there for me.

Now his plant has given more than I have expected.

The hand of friendship continues.


8 thoughts on “Amaryillis=Spring

  1. this pic is cut off again. why only on your blog does this happen for me?it flowered?how great of cupid to spoil you double GF! :heart:my amaryllis are from my mom, who got them from her they are being passed down. they transplanted well and are doing well and should be great next spring :Di'm so glad spring is making a showing there!

  2. HI Michele,I don't know why the photos cut on my blog maybe they are to large ? Someone told me this plant keeps blooming does it? I have to look it up onlineI don't know how to care for it since I never had one before and there weren't any instruction with the plant :(Thanks for reading and get back to me about the care ok?loveFati

  3. Hi Ramute,I never had a plant like this and when it opened up I was so amazed how great it wasand how colourful it is .I know who he is but it's fun saying secret cupid .. he is married and I know his wife also.. he is just a good friend to me and always there for me and other friends.LoveFati

  4. they should do well in a sun to semi-shady spot and i believe they are supposed to thrive when planted against a wall. 😀 oh and make sure the soil doesn't get waterlogged. they have their own water too.

  5. are they taken on a phone? maybe that is why they look so big? but when you sent it via e-mail (the one of snowy) they were fine… :confused:i just planted the bulbs my mom gave me, and they've been fine. they don't need too much water…and they keep flowering as long as they have enough space to get a good bulb size going. they will spread, soon enough!however! a lot of plants like the ones in small pots at nurseries are grown undercover…so you may have to protect it a bit..i think it should be ok, since they are tough plants…(not sure about frost etc) but i usually put these in a sheltered space, filtered sun, even on a window sill if they are very delicate… and then once i see they are comfortable, i'll try a day in full sun…i especially do it, if it's gift like this one is. i hate to kill gifts! 😆 look online to see about the frost! you can feed them an organic fertiliser too, now since it's spring and flowering time :)it will also help with the transplant…i doubt it will die..bulbs are good like that!

  6. HI Michele,No I took the pic with my new camera digital.the room they are in is light and not direct sunlight but it's a very bright room .I water them 1 time a week this should be good right?now the flowers are dying so I will clip them off do I do anything with the stems?Thanks for the info:heart:

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