A Symphony of Sympathy

Echos of a Fallen Dream

A Symphony of Sympathy
By Nick P Cicarelli

When it rains, who is it that is crying?
When the clouds are cold and soaking wet, where are the Angels lying?
The clouds are endless symbols of the souls of the Angels; it is they who are crying.
It is they, mourning the loss curled up and not trying.

What loss could an Angel have? The loss of protection to one they protected,
Their duties to overlook and guard, have failed and were neglected.
A sad story, played to the melodies of rain.
Lost in the sadness, identified sorrow, blind, and numb to the pain.

Who is it that is suffering? The one who lost? Or the one that failed?
So when the sun shines back through the clouds, are these Angels prevailed?
When the song of the birds is played again like a record,
Who is that last one watching, it is HE that is their Sheppard.

Does it take a loss to realize the precious? Even a minor misfortune?
The missing link within self, disconnection between mind and action or more distortion
Who is it to say what it takes? Not to judge, but a shout caller, “Who is steering?”
It’s like the ocean, except on auto-pilot, without borders nearing.

No physical boundaries or mental blocks, free mind to succeed,
Left with the alternative of affection and the feelings of the need.
Avoiding the strange, the negative, negate the possibility to descend
Comprehend the option to turn away from the bad and only ascend.

Make corrections, learn from any experience and carry the knowledge and share it.
With a little more preparation then to just grin and bare it.
Replacing pain and mistakes with comfort rather than chaos, and hate.
Turning the boiling rage internally to warm smooth simmering love and fate.

Now, when it rains it pours so who is it that is crying?
These Angels hard at work, saving spirits, everlasting never dying.
When the clouds are soaking wet where are the Angels lying?
They are not, they are hard at work when I am not trying.

Written by my son Nick after hearing of his brother Vinnys death.
thank you for reading and feeling his pain.

With love,

Art work by Claire J. Caudry


11 thoughts on “A Symphony of Sympathy

  1. Hi All,Thank you for reading Nicks heart.. he is dealing with his brothers death in the best way he could. I am so proud he is becoming a better writer and also expressing his feelings moreand more ..I hope he continues when he gets out soon .. His parole hearing was APPROVED 🙂 thanks againLoveFati

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