Selling oil-drilling rights to polar bear habitat

I saw this on a news video and after just doing a post
about one Polar Bear I wanted to share this horrible news.

I am not against drilling as long as the oil stays here which I am sure
it won't.. The US govenment is in the market for making money and I am sure
they can make more by EXPORTING.

7 Oil companies.. Shell is one and Conoco is another for 2.5 Billion dollars.

The Video can be seen here ..


When you click wait it will load don't click the other link.

Thanks for reading
with love,

The Chuckshi Sea off Alaska's north coast is estimated to be sitting on 15 billion barrels of crude oil reserves.

Environmentalists say the federal government has delayed a decision on whether to add the bears to its list of endangered animal species so as not to disrupt its sale of the oil and gas exploration rights to the area.

Activists point out that the agency in charge of the drilling rights is in the same government department as the agency responsible for listing endangered species. The government has insisted that oil exploration poses no threat to the animals.

According to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), the lease sale would make the polar bears' habitat "vulnerable to big business interests and jeopardise the government's ability to protect it".

49 thoughts on “Selling oil-drilling rights to polar bear habitat

  1. yes the sun gives us so much energy however, not for the cars.Bush did this decission and the oil I am sure will not be for USA it will gooutside the US as does so much of our work load :(Thank you for your visit and sharing

  2. I know .. this makes me out raged since the oil will not help the USA where it's being taken from and all the oil the US drills gets sold over seas which is sick.. One thing about Egypt they supply their country first and then sell outside the extra. I am not against drilling only if it will benefit the country from where it's taken no matterwhat country it is .. The Earth is very sensitive now and all have to be careful what they take and give back.or there won't be an Earth for generation that will follow.:(

  3. All I know is 2012 is coming not to far away and we shall see then what our fate will be.WE take and take and not give back.. how much longer do we think this will go on?

  4. Sorry it just makes me sick ,in one area we trying to save the planet and the ice and in the other we want godamn oil to survive we as humans have no right to this earth .I HOPE OUR DELIVERER COMES SOON .

  5. As you say in the last sentance ,""""be an Earth for generation that will follow"""".Im a great beleive in God he wont let us destroy he said was it not ,i would destroy man first before i let him destroy my world .So we angry yes indeed and its for us to stop and slow the process down but i also should have faith that we will one day have our paradise back but we have to pay the price and in so doing to what is happening now WE ARE !!!.

  6. I don't understand why the USA is so drunk on OIL. Free energy pours down on us from the Sun everyday, but we don't want to use it. Plants do it.

  7. so use it for agriculture use it for growing your own veg you moan of the horses look to what a car does at least the horses dong poo does not kill the Ozone .

  8. My great-grandfather ran a freight wagon with a team of great big (Big) horses. They would do their you-know-what, just anywhere. Major cities used to smell really bad.

  9. yep and you need a socket as well .Im ride bike im only choose other transport when in a modern world we have no choice .I dont drive at all and nor does my husband basicaly we not atall well off im spend money on my children more than anything But i was not serious in my answer to you i can surely beleive you Sorry if i offended you ,THE OWNER OF THIS BLOGG KNOWS I WOULD NEVER DO HARM HERE .welcome please to meet you .

  10. I have some aquaintences that have built electric cars on their own. They are a little crude, but they show the way. Ideally vehicals would primarily draw their recharge power from the sun. All of the technology already exists.

  11. thanks for the chat LOLthere are many ways to conserve and also go green with sugar cane fuellike they do in Brazil but no that would cut into the profits 😦

  12. As im say in the debate forum who does own the earth :(sad is it not for mans pure greed our future sustains in the balance .So im hoping for that man on the white horse to come shining down and say BEGONE WITH YOU .

  13. I have posted a few posts on a forum for the thread of this blog post here.I can't believe how naive so many people are to believe that the drilling willbenefit the USA.. Now I know why the USA is in such bad shape.. ignorant people and Bush lovers. :yikes:

  14. Its nothing down to Bush himself its whats feeding with or out bush you think they not go ahead with this .This is just the devils thorn in the side and people with GREED .ITS easy for us to blame someone but are we not responcible too .

  15. "In this unfolding war between Zionism and Islam, Blair, Bush and their alliesare no more than pawns in the hands of real evil forces behind the scene. Menof understanding have reached the Truth. They are only describing it indifferent terminologies. The difference we notice is only due to looking atthe reality from totally different perspective."

  16. I figured this all out last night. Bush had this idea all along by squeezing the oil prices UP UP UP so everyonewill want the drilling to proceed and then he will make zillions of dollars on the leasing rights and selling the drilling rights and now today the gas droppeddown 10 cents a gallon due to people now protesting and not driving as much or buyingas much..

  17. You know, I think that the polar bears will be ok. The icecap receded quite a bit between 1100 and 1400ad. There were actually Viking colonies on Greenland Island for over 100 years, until the weather went cold again.

  18. Hi Michael,Thanks for reading and it's nice to know others care about what happensto our endangered speices.I have been watching Ice Road Truckers and also the new show Black Gold.they show how the land is before the ice and after.. nice to see both sides.Hi Captive .. I agree however, the numbers of the PB are dwindling and I would hate future generations never seeing them in life only in photoshow sad

  19. I have some also however, if they drill in their area I don't see a good outcome.They are drowning from the icebergs melting which gives them some rest from travelingand this is a new issue they are talking about on the Discovery Channels .. Global warming not only effects humans 😦

  20. Last night on tv, watched a program about the Alaskan Inuit people. They are being forced to move their little villages away from the coasts because of rising ocean levels.

  21. sure the icebergs are melting and causing the water to rise.. and some say there is such thing as "Global Warming " 😦

  22. I feel most see the dinosaurs as predators not animals of kindnessso it's the same for the sharks which are great creatures however, they arebeing killed in a high rate due to the fear people hold for them :cry:My heart is with yours in these matters 🙂

  23. The shark is one of Nature's oldest and most efficent designes. They will eat anything and so they are dangerous. They are important to the chain of life and if by some stupid chance we were to wipe them out, we would regret it, and soon.

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