7 thoughts on “The Life Of The Last Prophet by Yusuf Islam

  1. God is God. Allah is God. Dao is God. The "One We Fear to Name" is God. There are godless people who would foment war for their own advantage; they make money off getting people of different religions to kill each other. I am watching this video of Yusaf's and I grieve for what could be.

  2. Hi againThank you for taking the time to view this video.You are so correct in your thinking in all that matterswe are of the same world, we all care on differnt levelsabout our world however, it has been written in all our holy books.. what will be will be. I did a post once called, " If Everyone Cared" I stand by it still ..always with loveFatimah

  3. I wonder if God will send anymore prophets to us. Or is our time of judgement comming to hand? Did you know that the scientists have deduced that all earthlings are decended from just 14 people? !!! Perhaps they were the survivors of the last time God made a judgement!Everyone in the world is crying out: "We want Justice, we have been wronged"! What we really should be crying out for is Mercy, because we are all wrong, one way or another. I count myself in this. One of the worst revelations I ever had was the day I realized that I had grown up to be the very kind of man my Mother told me to stay away from!

  4. they will all come back.. 2012 is not far off :(we had so much time to mend our ways and as always man has to ruin what God put forth for all of us not for just the Jews or Chistians or Muslims.Perceptions are individuals and even now adays Mothers say " don't talk to strangersand for good reasons which is sad and in the days of my youth.. 1950s I too had to lookover my shoulder for perverts and rapists.. times change there are more now than beforeand better reasons not to talk to strangers :(I know your Mom would be proud of whom you turned out to be .. her perception could havebeen way off .. 🙂

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