22 thoughts on “Such a Beautiful Story PPS

  1. Im sitting here for 37 seconds waiting eating my toast wondering what delight you brought us today and then im realise im got to click on mouse to move on 😀 😥 then after its finished i cant get it off my screen 😥 but what can i say BLOOMING HECK thats was brilliant and beautiful lovely mashallah it took my breath away even though im had a hard time wondering what im doing ,some of us sister are not tech brainy 😦 But 100/100 for brill .:heart:

  2. Hi sister,You are so funny I can see you sitting there looking at the photo :)I am happy you enjoyed this PPS file.. it really gives something to ponderand the ending was a shock to me for sure.So happy to bring some peace into your day.:heart:Fatimah

  3. Hello Fati!How long I don't visit your blog. Really Sorry!I'm picking this pps to watch it with atention.How have you been all this time? I am finishing my classes for today. Everything OK here, as always: working and enjoying family and everything around me, all as I can.The best for you!

  4. Hi Pablo,I am happy to see you here again, I know how busy you are and like myself always working :(I hope you enjoy all the PPS my blog offers and I knowwhen you have time you will view them.Thanks for contacting me I miss our chats :)Fati

  5. Beautiful message! Nice story to keep in mind. How often we can give such a great message to someone next to us… Sometimes We can give life just with optimism and being positive.Thanks!

  6. Hi Pablo,Yes we can however, the wider the message gets out the moreit will effect and the ripples will over take the negetive 🙂

  7. That's true. I heard something like this story once and it's good for me not to forget, and contribute to cause more "ripples", like you say.

  8. Hello, I found this webpage thanks to someone who had already sent me this slideshow before. I have other interesting slideshows to show on Facebook. That is why I wonder if I could upload those files through a website like yours and link them to Facebook (??)Fethi KARALI

  9. Excuse me Zenya, I mean Fatimah, I went into Opera Link here above, for help, I think I have to synchronize first as it is said ???

  10. Thanks Zenya, yet, I don't know how to do it. I have already downloaded Opera 10 the last version and I have tried many applications, I don't know how to do it, could you help me ?I can also speak French.wish to hearing from you soon,Fethi

  11. Hi Feth,you have to go into your account and then over to the rightit has synchronize to face book and twitterI did it too 🙂 I didn't even know they had that until you mentioned it.

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