Magic Forest

The photos are heart breaking and enrages me to feel helpless.
I saw this photo in an email and couldn't believe my eyes.

Saturday, June 28, 2008 :: infoZine Staff
By Will Skowronski – It all began with a photograph: a dead, 500-pound silverback gorilla named Senkwekwe tied to a bed of wooden poles being carefully carried through a field on the shoulders of 15 mourning, African men.

Chris Johns, editor in chief of National Geographic magazine, first saw the photograph in Newsweek magazine while he was in Cape Town, South Africa, in August.

"I look at it, and I see the tragedy of the death of a magnificent silverback and the tenderness, the care and the passion that these people we see in the photograph have as they deliver this animal from the murder site to burial," Johns said. "This is the kind of photograph that speaks to the core of National Geographic."

Johns contacted the photographer, Brent Stirton, and teamed him up with writer Mark Jenkins and a video crew to find out why Senkwekwe and six other mountain gorillas were shot to death within two months in the Virunga Mountains of Central Africa. Poachers, the usual culprits, were ruled out because the gorillas still had their hands and heads, valuable goods on the black market.

What unfolded was an all-too-common theme in parts of Africa: starvation, ethnic strife, corruption and revenge.

A documentary of the investigation premiers Tuesday July 1st at 10 p.m., EDT and PDT, on the National Geographic channel. Jenkins and Stirton's work appeared in the July issue of National Geographic Magazine and can be seen online.

The show opens with aerial scenes of what appear to be tranquil, forested mountains. But foreboding thunder warns of the tragic story that will be told.

The Virunga region, on the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda, is home to the roughly 720 remaining mountain gorillas, Jenkins said. About 200 of those live in Virunga National Park in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where Senkwekwe and part of his family were killed.

More can be read about this horrid situation from the site of Nat. Geo. which was featured
in the July issue of Nat Geo

Please take the time to watch this program which will stir our hearts and with hope
give answers to my question… WHY?

with love and prayers
for all

30 thoughts on “WHY ?

  1. This saddens me im been fortunate to be face to face with a silverback and other prime mates when im mean face to face im not mean straight in its face .But sadly this is happening beleive me and with the hunger and the starvation going on this will continue for more killing for survival and to live .But we must take a stand and while we allow a evil man rule some part of Africa as well your always going to have a unblemished Africa .And people with out education of value you for there own culture and country .

  2. HI Cocoa,you are so right.. however, this action does not deem understanding on their point.There are many in the world whom live bottomless, starving and dying from aids,they wouldn't dream of doing something like this.. There has to be punishments for peoples actions or else it will continue.The counties where starvation exist are usually operated by horrid governments.Other governments give food and money to those in need and the people of those countriesnever see a piece of those funds which are meant for them.As I have said before.. the world is spinning out of control and this is proof of whatGod has deemed to come… Thank you for feeling the disgust and always commenting and sharing.:heart:Fatimah

  3. Im im too of an African origen and it does discust me as im say "what has been right has become wrong "and what is wrong has become right as forthtold in the Bible and the Quran .

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  5. I understand however, as I said many starve and still do not do horrible acts such as these.Greed will drive any one over the edge I feel.

  6. HI El GeThank you for the support in watching this tv show..It sad to see this kind of murder since they are so close to the human beings and to kill them is just insane and full of greed.Thanks for reading and caring

  7. HI Alek,I watched the show last night and I found my answer :(Charcoal was the reason they need it to cook with and this forest is the place they get it from and the rangers confescated what they tookillegally .I am still saddened and outraged.]

  8. I watched the film last night, and the sad part is, the Gorillas are inocent victoms caught in the middle of this terrible situation. :worried:

  9. I know I agree with you,the end where the babies were being raised with the men really made me crythey are so human like and the daughter to the older female whom was killedreally broke my heart when she was comforting the ranger on the bed and thensnuggling with him for sleeping.. so precious that scene was I was happy I did watch it and got my questioned answered.thank you El Ge for watching also.. I hope others did as well.

  10. Your comments here are that of a true nature lover, Fati! The site is horrific and I feel helpless to do anything to stop it and that also saddens me!

  11. you have my feelings to the point.What some value others do not unless the value is $$$$thank you for opening your heart and mind:heart:

  12. Oh Allah, I have no money, but I have You. I am rich.Oh Allah, I have no freedom, but I believe in You. I am free.Oh Allah, I have no patience, but I read Your Quran. I am calm.Oh Allah, I get no respect, but You listen to my dua. I am proud.Oh Allah, I have no time, but I think of Jannah. I have forever.Oh Allah, I have much time, but I look at Your Signs. I have today.Oh Allah, I feel so weak, but I fast Ramadan. I am strong.Oh Allah, I feel so tired, but I make dua. I open my eyes.Oh Allah, I feel so dirty, but I repent to You. I am cleansed.Oh Allah, I feel so depressed, but I remember you. I am at peace.Oh Allah, I feel so lost, but I follow Your Commands. I am safe.Oh Allah, nobody listens, but You never turn your back on me. I am grateful.Oh Allah, my heart breaks, but I imagine meeting You. My heart finds rest.Oh Allah, I cry every night, but I make wudu. I wash away my tears.Oh Allah, I feel so alone, but I pray to You. I have everything.Oh Allah, I feel so dead, but I think about Hajj. My heart beats again.Oh Allah, I don't want this life, and I will die for You, only to live forever.All I have is Allah,All I need is Allah."Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest." [Surah Ar R'ad 13:28]:heart: :heart: I WOULD DIE FOR YOU I LOVE YOU ALLAH THE CREATOR YOUR OUR LIFE AND THE LIFE OF THE CREATURES OF THE WORLD WITH OUT YOU WE WILL NOT SUSTAIN LIFE .

  13. If I understood I would make a comment! But I am sure you both will allow me to wish you joy in the rights and pleasures of your belief!

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