Snowy Photos

This photo was taken on Sunday July 6th..

I am celebrating the recovery of my Snowy 🙂
I am so happy he is finally well..

Some of the last photos here were taken when he was sick you can see how
red his eye lids were 😦

Please enjoy the photos
with love,


7 thoughts on “Snowy Photos

  1. Oh so nice ,my cat loves the bathroom sink ,but sometimes when im go to the toilet im tend not to put the full light on cause it has a airvent that makes noise when its turned on .So when it comes to washing my hands im get a shock cause the cat is in it "lol":D nice pictures .nice to see its better .

  2. that's funny, I am sure you get scared sometimes Snowy hides in the tub and when I am on the toilethe jumps out at me and scares me :DThey do some funny things to keep themselves amuzed lolThanks for reading and enjoying:heart:

  3. yes he is my king of the house.. what ever he wants goes lol.He is sneezing again I hope it's allergies and not his virus :(I can't afford to keep giving the vet a 100.00 a week for his medsthis is insane .. Please pray for him to stay well ..Thanks Gud for reading my blog and commenting also.Fati

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