A Year Ago..Dedication

Dedicated to Gyula whom died a year ago.
He was loved very much by his wife Edit and son Adam and all
of his friends in Opera..

One Year Ago

She's walking there alone,
No one by her side

She manages to fight the tears, but
The pain inside
She can't hide
And all the tears she's cried

The moment she closes her eyes, she starts
Thinking of you

The dreams that she had one time
Have gone away..

Will they ever come true?
All she needs is: all she needs is you

And she wishes today
Was one year ago
When you cared so much for her
And loved her so..

Not a doubt in her mind that it would still be you
Cause the love that you shared: it was true

You never thought about it,
What you made her feel
You promised you'd stay together,
But the hope she once had: so unreal
All she needs is:
all she needs is you

I will never forget you Gyula..
Edit you are not alone.. Gyula is
with you always

With love always,

8 thoughts on “A Year Ago..Dedication

  1. Hi my dear,I too cry when I think of Gyula being gone,he was a blessing in my life and his familymisses him very much.:heart:Fati

  2. OMG ….I had no idea….Sometimes I wonder where people go and you never hear from them…but to think he passed…:heart:

  3. Hi Sarah,yes he passed a year ago and his wife wrote to meto let me know last year and I did a post for him at that time and again this year Edit reminded meand I wanted to honor him once again.Some say goodbye however, Gyula didn't have time :(Thanks for reading and always caring:heart:

  4. I do not know these people but I feel as I do, is that why my heart tears in pain when I read these words. My deepest sympathy goes out to those in need, know that your in my prayers my unknown friend.

  5. Hi Edward,Thank you so much for your feelings on my postto this wonderful man whom passed away from this earth however, never from my heart.He commented many times in my blog and alwayskept a place in his heart for me.Thank you so much for all you do Edward

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