Autumn Leaves

Autumn Interlude

I worked up north today and had a wonderful drive thru the countryside
of Northern New York State.

The trees are changing up there where as in Connecticut where I live they are still green
and full and the signs of Autumn are not yet here.

Changes of the seasons brings so many feelings to look forward to.
The excitement of the unknown is exhilarating.. I am excited to know
soon there will be many colours again to view from Mother Nature
and a landscape of beauty that only one who appreciates it will cherish.

I love my work as it takes me to far away locations and seeing various people
and nature and even different wildlife in each.

No desk job for me.. I love the outdoors and the freedom of my schedule
not to mention hearing my music all the time 🙂

Thanks for reading and enjoying the forth coming Autumn ..
Just a peek into what to expect and feel..

Experiencing the magic each day.

With love,

11 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. Wonderful!I enjoyed them, but it could be magical to be there to delight my eyes "in-situ". Great experience!Autumn is really a nice season; colors are warm, and landscapes give peace. I'm glad you enjoyed your drive, and thank you for sharing these nice pics!

  2. Thank you all for enjoying my words and the photos,I love this time of year the scent of the leaves is like perfume to me which heightens as the season continues.I am so happy you enjoyed the music also which really inspired me as well as the scenes I have seen.Always writing from my heart:heart:Fati

  3. It's always a pleasure, and as I said yesterday, I was missing.I'll post something about how important is to meet people here, so I invite you. I wasn't inspired today too much… but I hope to give the right sense. Because you are a friend, words concern to you too.

  4. Hi MickeyYes the green rolls of land in Irelandit's beautiful and soon you will see the coloursalso 🙂 I hope you share your fall with us?Thanks for enjoying the huesFati

  5. I'll try to think of it. (Feel free to remind me if you don't see anything. 😉 ) But to me it seems like it stays green all year round. Gets a bit boring at times.

  6. yes all green would get boring just as seeing sand all the time was for me in Egyptinfact it hurt my eyes 😦 I now have dry eyes from living there in the first summertemps were 135 F :yikes:

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