Journey To The West.. Traditional Chinese Folklore

With the end of the Olympics coming on Sunday I felt this
cartoon was a good way to say, "JOB WELL DONE"

My friend Grace sent me this link and as usual she sends
wonderful links with outstanding videos..

I hope you enjoy this cartoon and see each movement
towards the sports of the 2008 Olympics in China.

BBC ran this cartoon for an ad previous to the Olympics.


43 thoughts on “Journey To The West.. Traditional Chinese Folklore

  1. Fati! I love the facial expressions on the super hero! You are right about a job well done!I, by the way, saw your comments on Yulia's pic area, so thought I would check you out! hahaI think I am only going to find what you want to reveal ( no pics of you besides your angel self)!

  2. I had a feeling you found me on her page thank you for taking the time to read someof my blog.My photo is in my album a pic of me while living in Egypt.My heart and soul reminds in this blog no mystery no hidingit's out in the open for all to see.Enjoy and thank you again I hope you are hearing the music as well ?Fati

  3. Well, I did not turn the music on for this reply– I will next time! I am so sorry, I guess because I am male, I am hung up on looks! If you are ugly I will probably never be back! haha I do not know how you handle all this and be so prompt in replying to a comment, but my hat is off to you for it!!!( I have been 3 hours answering my Subs. tonight–of course that includes you).

  4. Wow. I just watched it three times in a row. It's great.The cartoon style reminds me a lot of Gorillaz. I just checked, and Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are, in fact, the creators, but I'm not sure whether the music is also Gorillaz. The grooving bass and the overall feel also remind me of them.Anyway, thanks for posting this!Very neat blog you have here. 🙂

  5. Anytime.I'll also probably be watching the closing too. I bet it will be real something.Oh – and call me Archon – DSG is my username because of the graphic novel 🙂

  6. Hi Glenn,Thank you for an early AM smile .Your writing is wonderful as is your sense of humor.I do reply quicker than I do posts since doing my postsare very time consuming unless I copy paste videos.Thank you for bringing a smile to my early AM face:D

  7. Good day to you too, Archon! I will also have to check out your blog that Fati says "rocks"! Will put it on my list! hahaFati, it stunned me to see you say "rocks" ! I had not pictured you as a "roller" haha

  8. Hi Dark,Thank you for enjoying this well made video.I love how they blended all the types of sportsthe Olympics were showing this year.BBC used it for a promo ad and it has taken off fast on the net. I can't wait for the closing tonight I am sure it will beas wonderful as the opening was.Your blog rocks also my friend the graphics are wildThanks for your visit and commentFati

  9. It's not my real name. It's just a pseudonim I picked up quite a while a go and it really grew on me. My real name is Zoltan, but I kinda prefer Archon, since it's more unique. There are thousands of Zoltan's out there, but I am yet to see an Archon – live (I doubt that I ever will – it's just bizzare), or on the internet… well, an active one – on my.opera, the username Archon was taken, and the dude using it seems to be from the neighouring country (Croatia) but it's been 3 years since his last sings of life. Similar things happened on a couple of forums as well, so sometimes I have to adopt a neccecery evil like -Archon357, or a long time ago Archon3d.And it sound kinda cool… no? 😛

  10. Hi Glenn,You are so funny, if you check out my musicI adore TRANCE and Electronic music.I am a product of the 60s and was in a RR bandas a solo singer so I know R&Rthanks for all the smiles:D

  11. hi againwow was I confused lol sorry for the mix upyour real name is nice and so what if others have it there is only one YOU .. I am the original Zenya and of course now there are manyon the net as I found out many in real life in Pakistan of all places, I didn't know it was a popular name in Paklol

  12. Well I could not notice that long hair beneath the veil!haha I graduated highschool in 1960 and college in 1964, but it was a quiet and secluded Christian school, so the "60s" were not that heavy an influence on me. In the 70's I really got to rockin' with best stereo I could find at the time–ya know! Did not do the drugs or dress or hair or attitude, but liked the temporary thought of it, I guess I would say (I don't mean that I wanted to be radical, just to "grove it" I think was the term).

  13. Hard to get it out of your head too! Do you have any of the old recordings? What name or names did you work under and (3 haha) where was this? Also, I had another idea, for something for you to do! haha But, I feel like I have taken enough of your time today—so later!

  14. Hi againI use to sing Dion Warwick music I didn't sing the wild things only the heart feltsongs which would stop everyone :)it's ok I enjoyed our time today what's the idea?

  15. One of my friends is asking someone to sing an old love song, Because You Are You, with her ( in jest I think–because how could one sing on line—could record and video it maybe–anyway, I thought it would be neat for you to volunteer! All replies to her so far, including mine have been to back gracefully out because of our voices. So, that is were you came into my mind with your singing comments.

  16. You have been around Opera for seveal years, Fati. I am sure you have many Friends. Have you ever thought to try to kind of gather them together into a knit like family!? I have been trying to see if such would work! So far per the last couple of weeks trying, it has been mostly failure–I mean they may say "top of the day" to each-other, but then they are gone. I will see if you have any comments so far before I continue. Or you can tell me from your intuition what the sad part is. haha

  17. I was going to gather them in NYC for a venture with someone on Opera who has a smalltheater in NYC however, with the differnt schedules it would be hard to pickjust one day to do this and it would be a long day :)I have a voice file on my blog with me recorded a poem and a friend placed musicbehind my voice.. it's beautiful

  18. So, your first sentence is about my second comment box, right? I think you misunderstood! I meant to try to get them together on line, so that they all knew each other and communicated back and forth—like you me and yulia, except all friends. You need not take the time to answer though for unfortunately over the last couple of days I have seen little jealousies etc. between some of my female friends!In your second sentence you are saying you would be willing to check this idea of a duet out?!How can I find that voice file?!

  19. Hi againHere is the link to the blog post I was referring to with my voice fileClick on the link for A wish in the post and the words are also in the blog post.I am off on sundays only for a chat with you and Yulia however, I don't chat to much this is the most I have written to one personin a long time :)YOU

  20. How could it be Sunday there! These time zones throw me! Just kidding–I know you were talking about Sunday on Tuesday! Yes, it is good to get out of your cage now and then. I will check your voice out and be back if I don't like it! If I do, I should start my nap! It has taken me several minutes to write this, so sleepy am I! Thanks for the kudos!

  21. Hi Glenn,You really crack me up Nap? what's that? :(I wait your opinion what happen to the link?let me know if you got it working

  22. It started opening up like automatticaly–did not click on it. As I was not finished with my book to you I arrowed back to your post. When I went to click on it then, it had gone! Is still gone. It was right after this sentence wasn't it? "Click on the link for A wish in the post and the words are also in the blog post."

  23. The link takes me to the poem A Wish which is georgeous in many ways but I was thinking you were leading me to a recording of your singing!

  24. I installed the Quick Time Player but it would not play your link–said something about it needing to be updated! I guess you are just going to have to sing live!

  25. I was saying I CAN NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE! You should get back into practice! I would have thought you were the type to sing while you work or fiddle in the garden or shower or cook —like that!?

  26. yes I am that kind of person but due to Lupus I have not the breathit takes for me to sing as I did "Angelic " I rather hear others sing like an Angel 🙂

  27. Would you settle for a raspy dog howl! haha How long have you been diagnosed with Lupus? I am, of course saddened to hear!

  28. Yes, obviously you have kept fit! Do you play the fiddle?(pleas know that I am not making lite of your condition, angelic one).You did not say whether you would "settle" for a voice I would describe as a locust's call! haha You might say " why don't you start practicing while you work, Glenn?"

  29. Rattles the window, huh!?I started on drums in highschool band, switched to clarinet Jr. yr. then Sr. yr. helped out by playing the tuba—no one else wanted to and it, of course is a must for a marching band! I tried to get back in the drums and the clarinet off and on since high school, but it only seems to last a week or so! I just don't have the skill to be other than highschool level, it seems!!!

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