The Wave .. A Sign?

Dedicated to my late son Vinny
who would have been 32 today had he not
passed away this year.

Vinny also introduced me to
Sara Brightman and this song
was one of his favorites.


As I was driving home close to my house last week not thinking of anything
just happy to be close to home.

I was in an area where my son, Vinny use to live as well and sometimes we would
pass each other and WAVE..

This day a young man whom I don't know passed me and as we passed he WAVED
to me just as my Vinny use to ..

This made me burst out in tears and made my heart hurt so bad I could bearly drive
to my apartment and couldn't stop crying.

It was as if Vinny WAVED to me thru this person, and I should be happy however,
it effected me in a way I would not have expected after all I don't know whom
this person was .

Happy Birthday my son no matter where you are and no matter
what you are doing..

I miss you so much and only wished a
good life for you as you were always
my EDEN.

Love always,

6 thoughts on “The Wave .. A Sign?

  1. How wonderful and poignant today is and the experience you had with the young man waving, just like Vinny would have. Heavy hearts are not too much to bare, they are what makes us feel life. Happy tears and thoughts and Happy Birthday Vinny!

  2. Hi Dave,Thanks for seeing what I felt. and thank you for your caring words always there strong and firm for me ;)thank you for being a friend:heart:Fati

  3. Hi Michaelyes I know what you mean, there is a hole in my heartas he was the light which was inside that heart for many yearseven after he decided to stop talking to me his light neverfaded from my heart .The world lost a wonderful man and his family lost a wonderfulson and brother.Thank you for your comforting wordsSalaams

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