Gustav Storm Evacuation

May It Be

I am sitting and watching the evacuation and getting the feeling as if I am
watching a movie.

The line of cars leaving the southern tip of LA is amazing and to put myself
into their shoes I don't know how they do it after 3 years ago dealing
with Katrina.

The State of La has learned so much since Katrina, they are using every means
to get everyone out even flying them in planes, also using trains and buses.

They have evacuated the animals in shelters as well providing them with boxes and
bused them to outside the state to other shelters.

The plan is working so far and all are getting out without any problems.

Please pray for the people in the path of this horrid storm.

My prayers will be with them and the states surrounding this storm
as well.

Thanks for reading

with love,

11 thoughts on “Gustav Storm Evacuation

  1. Beautiful mashallah ,Proverbs 18:1010). The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safePsalms 4:88). I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.Peace in the midst of a stormI am safe in my savior's armsNot worried of what tomorrow will bringFor his glory alone I will singNo worry, no fear, no chance of harm.Safe in my savior's loving armsKnowing that He will always provide.My refuge in him is where I will hide.With him, any crisis is calm.Safe in my saviors' loving arms.Facing each day with a blessed smile.Knowing Heaven will make it worthwhileNo matter what happens, I won't be alarmedFor I'm safe in my saviors arms.Let the weak say I am strongKnowing in Him is where I belongRest and peace is always thereOh, God, I will cast all of my care.Psalms 16:11). Keep me safe, O God, for in you I take refuge.:heart:

  2. The voyage HomeHashim bin AmbiaFor too long, we have been adrift on the open sea.Far, far away from home.Unprepared, we are humiliated by these storms.Our small boat, sails broken, a victim to the windsCross currents, too strong for our thin arms.Waves, soaring higher than our humble hope.Our heads, bowed even before defeat.Our damning eyes, avoiding one anothers'Our souls, as wild and sometimes as lonely as the open sea.Let us cease to curse nature.Abusing our lips, with one anothers' names.Let us mend this broken boat,this broken sail,this broken soul.Let us harness the wind.Make use of the currents.With faith and sweat, set sail to our land of the Qur'an and Sunnah.Amidst this storm, let us begin the voyage home. :heart: :heart:

  3. Their prayers were answered they did not have much damage as they did 3 years agoand all the people whom left are safeas is their homes to which they will return to.Thank you Cocoa for the wonderfulprayers :heart:

  4. yes as we see now there's 3 more at one time :(when does the season stop?I am at heavens house this week dog sitting and she left out all her summer patio furniture I hope Saturday it's not to windy I won't want to have broken windows lol

  5. there were a few they said but nothing as bad as it could have beenit was nice to see the report and not seeingi people with signs,RESCUE ME

  6. We got hit last night 😦 not much but south CT got it worse for a change .Yes me too so happy to have peace and quietand most of all the POOL 😀

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