After The Storm

Twilight of the Gods

It was a horrid night last night winds of over 25 mph
which isn't much considering other parts of the world.

Being in someone else house with lots of trees and open
space I worry about branches falling which have happened
in previous storms.

All is well today no branches down not even a power failure
which is very strange. Sometimes the power goes out on
good days.

I took a walk of the property today to check for any trees
down or any damage to the pool and of course Cera, the dog
came with.

Here is what I found in the lower part of the property.

Cera saying," LETS GO !!!

I was praying I wouldn't find any damage and God was kind .

with love,

7 thoughts on “After The Storm

  1. Hi Michael,Thanks for the caring I can get use to it :)Again today we had wild weather but everything is fine nothing came down 🙂 One more night and I am back to my Snowy 🙂

  2. Hi MichaelHappy to hear your area won't be effected I am watching the news now :(it's horrible and I am praying or all in the path.Take care ok? 🙂

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