Dreams Do Come True

I use these words often,"Dreams do come true"
since I really do believe in them.

I was pondering over what store to do first on a
Friday morning and I keep seeing this one store
which I normally do in the afternoons.. I went
with my feelings.

when I arrived to this store, I ran into a sales rep which I
have seen a few times before and spoke to him in general.
This day I was inspired to ask if his company had any openings
and to my surprise and timing he said " YES".. he just got

We talked for 15 minutes and he was excited to have me send my resume
to the company and get things started. It turns out I know all the
locations included into this territory which makes the job easier.

1.5 weeks ago I had a face to face interview with him < Bill> and the
V.P. of the North East.. I hadn't a clue as to how I did until today.

I rec'd the phone call.. We want YOU… Russel Stover Candy Co.

I have been dreaming of a job such as this..
great salary, medical insurance, 401K plan.. and most of all
a company car.. all paid for..

When I left the store that day I really believed that God guided me
to this store at that time and pushed me to ask for work..

Dreams do come true..
only if you DREAM …

Thanks for reading,
with love,

11 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True

  1. Holy Crap! I'm happy for you, proud of you and very impressed that you did follow your inkling that day.Congratulations!You deserve it!

  2. If anyone deserves this opportunity, it's you.You have put your heart and soul into all you've done as I'm sure you will with this one.I'm glad to hear about the car……takes that side of it out of the worry equation.Congratulations again!

  3. Hi Michael,Thank you for your wishes to me I am very excited finally working for JUST one company during the week.. my mind will be much better off :)Thanks so much again

  4. I liked reading this blog entry of yours as it expresses that dreams are to be dreamt since they do come true. Congratulations on your new job.

  5. Thank you for reading and sharing your wishes towards meI am happy you do see dreaming dreams do come true evenit they are in Gods time.

  6. When I read this post of yours, I had a smile on my face…and it was getting bigger and bigger as I continued to read. Dreams do come true, but as U said"..in Gods time". That is Wisdom. In His time…I'm a sucker for chocolate. Perhaps U could send one of those delicious chocolate boxes to me?? I'm not sure if there is any wisdom in that , though…:ko: Psst! But it says 'giftbox', does it not? 😀

  7. you are so sweet and they call me the "SWEET ONE"thank you for always placing a smile to my face.candy sure .. after all I am a candy lady 😀

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